Dr. Bhavesh Garg

Dr. Bhavesh Garg
Humanities and Social Sciences
Areas of Research: 
Open Economy Macroeconomics
Time Series Econometrics
Balance of Payments Analysis
(2018) Ph.D., Economics, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
(2012) M.A., Economics, University of Hyderabad
(2009) B.A. (H) Economics, Ramjas College, University of Delhi
Work Experience: 
Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Ropar, Feb 2019 - Present
Visiting Scientist, Indian Statistical Institute, Tezpur, Dec 2018-Jan 2019.
Selected Publications/Patents: 

Karan Rai and Bhavesh Garg (2021) Dynamic correlations and volatility spillovers between stock price and exchange rate in BRIICS economies: evidence from the COVID-19 outbreak period, Applied Economics Letters (in press) [Paper]

Bhavesh Garg and K. P. Prabheesh (2021) The nexus between the exchange rates and interest rates: Evidence from BRIICS economies during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Studies in Economics and Finance, 38(2), 469-486.  [Paper]

Bhavesh Garg & K. P. Prabheesh (2021) Testing the intertemporal sustainability of current account in the presence of endogenous structural breaks: Evidence from the top deficit countries. Economic Modelling, 97, 365-379. [Paper]

K. P. Prabheesh and Bhavesh Garg (2021) Testing deviations from PPP and UIP: evidence from BRICS economies, Studies in Economics and Finance, 38(2), 384-399. [Paper]

K. P. Prabheesh, Bhavesh Garg & Rakesh Padhan (2020) Time-varying dependence between stock market and oil prices during COVID-19: The case of net oil-exporting countries Economics Bulletin, 40(3), 2408-2418. [Paper]

 K. P. Prabheesh, Rakesh Padhan & Bhavesh Garg (2020) COVID-19 and the oil price–stock market nexus: Evidence from net oil-importing countries. Energy Research Letters, 1(2), 13745 [Paper]

Bhavesh Garg and K. P. Prabheesh (2018) External shocks, consumption-smoothing and capital mobility in India: evidence from an intertemporal optimization approach. Applied Economics, 50:45, 4814-4829. [Paper] [Supplementary Material]

K. P. Prabheesh and Bhavesh Garg (2018) Capital-enhanced Equilibrium Exchange Rate: evidence from India, Applied Economics Letters, 2018, 25:19, 1393-1397 (with Prabheesh K.P.) [Paper]

Bhavesh Garg and K. P. Prabheesh (2017) Drivers of Current Account deficits in India, with implications for ameliorating them, Journal of Asian Economics , 2017, 51, 23-32. [Paper]

Bhavesh Garg and K. P. Prabheesh (2015) Causal Relationships between the current account and the capital account: an empirical investigation from India, Applied Economics Letters , 2015, 22:6, 446-450. [Paper]

Other Information: 

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