Dr. Dipanjan Kumar Dey

Dr. Dipanjan Kumar Dey
Humanities and Social Sciences
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Dr Dipanjan Kumar Dey is working as an Assistant Professor in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences (Management Area) at the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar since 2017. Before joining IIT Ropar, he was an assistant professor in the department of marketing and strategy management at IBS Hyderabad since 2014. He was a visiting scholar to Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University for his thesis work. His doctoral research is in the area of utilization and marketing of healthcare services in India. He also has corporate exposure in the domain of BFSI post his MBA.
Areas of Research: 
Consumer behavior
Brand Management
International Marketing
PhD (Management), IBS Hyderabad, IFHE University, 2014
MBA (Marketing), IUD, 2006
B.Tech (Chem Tech), LIT Nagpur, 2003
Work Experience: 
Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar, Jan 2017 - Present
Assistant Professor, IBS Hyderabad, March 2014 - Dec 2016
Visiting Research Scholar, SSB, Oklahoma State University, Sep2010 -11
Selected Publications/Patents: 
 A Srivastava, DK Dey, MS Balaji ,2020, Drivers of Brand Credibility in Consumer Evaluation of Global Brands and Domestic Brands in an Emerging Market Context, Journal of Product and Brand Management
Chauhan, Y.,  and Dey, D.K., 2020. Does financial literacy affect the value of financial advice? A contingent valuation approach, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental FInance, Vol 25<a class="doi" title="Persistent link using digital object identifier" href="https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbef.2020.100268" rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"></a>
Chauhan, Y. and Dey, D.K., 2017. Do female directors really add value in Indian firms?. Journal of Multinational Financial Management. Volumes 42–43, pp. 24-36
Dey, D.K., Srivastava, A. 2017. Impulse buying intentions of young consumers from a hedonic shopping perspective, Journal of Indian Business Research, Vol. 9 Issue: 4, pp.266-282
Chauhan, Y., Lakshmi, K.R. and Dey, D.K., 2016. Corporate governance practices, self-dealings, and firm performance: Evidence from India. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 12(3), pp.274-289
Chauhan, Y., Dey, D.K. and Jha, R.R., 2016. Board structure, controlling ownership, and business groups: Evidence from India. Emerging Markets Review, 27, pp.63-83.
Srivastava, A. and Dey, D.K., 2016. Brand analysis of global and local banks in India: a study of young consumers. Journal of Indian Business Research, 8(1), pp.4-18.
Dey, D.K., Chauhan, Y.K. and Chakraborti, R., 2015. Does advertising strategy matter in influencing mutual fund purchase?. Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 20(1), pp.23-33.
Dey, D.K. and Mishra, V., 2014. Determinants of choice of healthcare services utilization: empirical evidence from India. Indian Journal of Community Health, 26(4), pp.356-363.
Dey, D., Garla, S. and Chakraborty, G., 2011. Comparison of Probabilistic-D and k-Means Clustering in Segment Profiles for B2B markets. In SAS Global Forum 2011 Proceedings.
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 PhD Scholar(s):
1. Mr. Nagendra - Sustainability Marketing importance in brand management
2. Mr. Sunil Gupta - Rural Consumer behavior in technology acceptance
UG Courses
HS301 Industrial Management (3 credits)
HUL477   Fundamentals of Management and Marketing (3 credits)
HUL483   Marketing Metrics (3 Credits)
HS494 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
PG Courses
HUL635   Consumer Behavior (4 Credits)
HUL632   Brand Management (4 Credits)
HUL631   Corporate Governance (4 Credits)

Assistant Professor