Dr. Sreekumar Jayadevan

Dr. Sreekumar Jayadevan
Department of HSS
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Areas of Research: 
Philosophy of Science, Formal Logic, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Design
Ph.D (Philosophy), University of Hyderabad
M.Phil (Philosophy), University of Hyderabad
MA (Philosophy), Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit
Selected Publications/Patents: 

Jayadevan, Sreekumar (2017) “The Invisible Opposition: Humor’s Philosophical Tale”, in Explorations in Critical Humanities, Muraleedharan, S and Devi, K (Eds). New Delhi: Viva Books. pp 139-151.

Jayadevan, Sreekumar (2016) ‘Being and Describing: An Entity Realist Appraisal of Internal Realism’, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Springer, 34(1), 151-160

Jayadevan, Sreekumar (2016) 'Why is Science Empirically Successful? A Response from Kuhn’s Metaphysics', Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy, Vol 25, pp 32-45.

Other Information: 

Conferences Presentations:
1.   Jayadevan, Sreekumar., ‘Scientific Realism Debate and Epistemic Indicators: An Inquiry into the Generic History of the Debate’, Dutch Society for the Philosophy of Science Triennial Conference, Philosophy of Science in a Forest (PSF 2016), Kaap Doorn, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 19-21 May 2016.
2.   Jayadevan, Sreekumar., ‘Selective Realism or Involuntary Antirealism?An Analysis of Epistemic Implications in the Scientific Realism Debate’ Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science Fourth Annual Meeting, hosted by the Department of Philosophy, University of Tartu, Estonia 21-23 April 2016.
3.   Jayadevan, Sreekumar., ‘Incongruity in Scientific Realism: A Continuum between Science and Common sense’, Science versus Common sense, held at Abraham Kuyper Center, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 25-27 February 2016.
4.   Jayadevan, Sreekumar., ‘Theory-Talk, Meta-Theory- Talk and Metaphysical-Talk: Intricacies and Pertinence of three Levels of Discourse in the Scientific Realism-Debate. CLMPS 2011, Fourteenth Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, held at Nancy, France, 19-26 July 2011.
5.   Jayadevan, Sreekumar., ‘Is 'Being' Dependent on 'Describing'? An Entity Realist Perspective on Internal realism.’ SILFS 2010, International Congress of the Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science, held at University of Bergamo, Italy, 15 –17 December 2010 

Assistant Professor