FAQs for Moodle Quiz

Please login to your moodle account and follow the instructions attached. You can login into moodle- http://www.iitrpr.ac.in/moodle/

Moodle can handle:

Yes, any number of categories / sub categories can be created to classify the questions

Yes, the questions as well as the answers can be jumbled. When one uses this option, students will get questions from the same set but presented in random order. Refer FAQ1

Yes, please see the attached document.

Yes, you can do that. You can import questions into the question bank and then create quiz by selecting question as in FAQ 1. Please note that moodle expects the questions to be typed in particular format. Please see the next FAQ

One can import questions into moodle in various formats, we have tested GIFT format and also conversion of latex to xml. GIFT or xml files can be imported into moodle question bank. Please see the attached document to prepare the questions offline in GIFT format. Two sample files containing questions in GIFT format are being provided. One with general questions and another containing mathematical formulas.

Yes, you can convert tex file to xml. Please note this requires you to type tex file in a format as to include multiple choice type questions, True/False type, match the columns etc. This also requires you to include the moodle package. Use pdflatex command to get xml file. We have tested this with TexLive20 version of Latex. Here is the reference document for putting the quiz in latex format. Moddle package can be downloaded from here.

One can include formulas by typing in directly in the user interface or by creating GIFT file. Please find attached sample formulas for your reference. It follows the latex pattern to type in the formula. The output of the sample file above will be displayed as shown:

Please find the sample GIFT file to include images in your questions.

Pleasae refer to this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLPVsqJYjzk

Note*- we have not tested this yet.

Here are the results of pilot test done by IT team on a quiz

Case 1: Using Moodle App to appear for a Quiz

Tested and worked well. One team member appeared for a quiz using a mobile phone and connected on mobile data. Attempted 5 questions first and then disabled the mobile data for 2 minutes and then refreshed the quiz page. Enabled mobile data and refreshed the page again, it starts from the same question where left.I He attempted 3 more questions and submitted the quiz.

Case 2: The network was disconnected while appearing for a quiz. And reconnected after more than one minute

The user connects on the same question where he/she got disconnected. Users should save the answer without submitting. This option button is available next to the question. All the questions which were answered before the user got disconnected, retain the answer selected.
One team member refreshed the page after getting online. It starts from the question where he got disconnected.

Case 3: The network was disconnected and the final submit button selected.

Gave a blank page. Users needed to reconnect to the quiz, but all the answers were retained.

Case 4: The browser tab while appearing for the quiz was closed accidentally.

He logged into the quiz and it showed a message to continue. Quiz starts from the first question but previously given answers remain the same.

Can we minimize Plagiarism / Cheating
As the title suggests we cannot make it zero. But here are some of the suggestions:

If students don't have a laptop or are having problems in attempting the quiz.
If students don't have a laptop or are having problems in attempting the quiz, he/she can submit the quiz through email or any other e-means by attempting the quiz in offline mode (clicking the image or scanning the document through email). This has to be done by mutual consent of course instructor and student(s).

Will appreciate any more suggestions which can be added to these FAQs . The suggestions can be sent to itfac@iitrpr.ac.in