Dr. Indramani Dhada

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Areas of Research: 
Environmental Engineering: Indoor and ambient air quality assessment; Source apportionment studies and modelling, Health Risk Assessment of pollutants, Fate processes of organic pollutants. Solid and Hazardous waste Management; Agricultural impact on climate change, Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Treatment, Pollution Control Technologies
Ph.D(Civil), IIT Kanpur,2016
M.Tech(EEM), IIT Kanpur,2008
B.E(Civil), B.P.U.T, 2006
Diploma(Railway Engineering), 2003
Diploma(Civil Engineering),S.C.T.E&V.T, 2000
Work Experience: 
Department of Water Resources,Govt..Of Odisha(Apr 2009-Jan 2020)
TATA Consulting Engineers(2008-2009)
Selected Publications/Patents: 
Dhada I, Nagar P K, Sharma M, Gupta N (2016)  Photo-catalytic Oxidation Technology for VOC Control: Evaluation and risk characterization of Intermediates of benzene degradation adsorbed on the catalyst. Environ. Eng. Sci. 33(12):970-977  
Dhada I, Sharma M, Nagar P K (2016) Quantification and human health risk assessment of by-products of photo catalytic oxidation of ethylbenzene, xylene and toluene in indoor air of analytical laboratories. J. Hazard. Mater. 316:1-10          
Dhada I, Nagar P K, Sharma M (2016) Photo-catalytic oxidation of individual and mixture of benzene, toluene and p-xylene. Int. J. Environ. Sci. Technol.  13:39-46          
Dhada I, Nagar P K, Sharma M (2015) Challenges of TiO2-based photo-oxidation for volatile organic compounds: designing, coating and regenerating catalyst. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. 54 (20): 5381–5387