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Dean’s Message

IITs were long seen as India’s answer to the world in imparting top-quality technical education and research. IITs are more than mere institutes of higher learning; rather they have been a part of the popular folklore of independent India. To that end, IIT Ropar, like some of the other gen-next IITs, has been established keeping in mind the aspirations of a billion plus Indians.

We are a 21st century IIT, where the nation’s requirements are increasingly in-sync with international trends and advances. Thus, it is quite imperative that the newer IITs develop strong alliances with universities across the globe so as to enhance their international recognition and repute. This is nowhere more relevant than IIT Ropar. We are located in a state (Punjab) that has been considered as the gateway of India for centuries. It is a place where technological advances like planned urban living and metal castings were first introduced to mankind. However, more recently, regional and national challenges like climate change, unprecedented industrial growth and the need for food, soil and water security have necessitated renewed collaborative efforts. It’s here that OIR @ IIT Ropar aims to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and stakeholders by way of forming strong academic alliances with universities and research labs.

Being a new IIT, our alumni base is limited in number but truly immense in passion. OIR @ IIT Ropar plans to bring the rich experience of our alumni back on campus. The region is also an amalgamation of cultures for ages leading to deep business and commerce relations with countries far and beyond. The people of Punjab have moved to places around the world and yet have strong bonds back home. We aim to connect with our Indian diaspora and seek their help in solving socially relevant yet technically challenging issues.

The objectives of OIR @ IIT Ropar are primarily three-folds that includes building strong research initiatives with world leading universities and labs; stay connected with our alumni; and build an emotional bond with the Indian diaspora the world over. To that end, the major objectives are summarized below:

  • To oversee various initiatives of IIT Ropar towards its international outreach and create a diverse & multicultural ambience;
  • To forge research intensive academic alliances with leading universities of the world through MoUs and sustained faculty and student exchanges;
  • To promote high-levels of faculty exchange, thereby creating a platform for wider bilateral consultations and activities;
  • To promote significant student exchange (both at the undergraduate and graduate students level), thereby sensitizing our students to international work culture and research roadmap;
  • To develop joint degree programmes and other pedagogical tools with our partner universities that are sustainable and inline with our Institute’s research focus and priorities;
  • To coordinate with bilateral bodies (embassies, inter-governmental offices) and bring international art, culture and science to IIT Ropar campus;
  • To bring the life lessons learnt by our alumni back on campus through our IIT Ropar Alumni Association;

It is our constant endeavour to provide all the possible help and support to international visitors and faculty/students of IIT Ropar. Please feel free to contact us.





Dr. C C Reddy
Dean (International Relations and Alumni Affairs)
Email: deanir [AT] iitrpr.ac.in,