Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Design of low surface roughness-low residual stress-high optoelectronic merit a-IZO thin films for flexible OLEDs
Naveen Kumar, T. M. Wilkinson, C. E. Packard , Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Journal of Applied Physics  119, 225303

Room temperature, air crystallized perovskite film for high performance solar cells
A. Dubey, A. Kantack, N. Adhikari, K. M. Reza, S. Venkatesan , Dr. Mukesh Kumar, D. Khatiwada, S. Darling, and Q. Qiao, 
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4, 10231

Shelf life stability comparison in air for solution processed pristine PDPP3T polymer and doped spiro-OMeTAD as hole transport layer for perovskite solar cell
Ashish Dubey, Nirmal Adhikari, Swaminathan Venkatesan, Shaopeng Gu, Devendra Khatiwada, Qi Wang, Lal Mohammad , Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Q. Qiao, 
Data in Brief  7, 139