Light-Matter Interaction and Quantum Information

The focal theme of Light-Matter Interactions and Quantum Information division is to understand and harness the intriguing phenomena, exhibited and generated by photons in various forms of matter. Our interest lies in the theoretical and experimental studies of classical and quantum manipulation of light-matter interactions, and also in its applications to quantum information.

  • Dr Asoka Biswas

    Dr. Asoka Biswas

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    • Quantum computation and information
    • Quantum Thermodynamics
    • Cavity Optomechanics
  • Dr Kailash Jena

    Dr. Kailash Chandra Jena

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    • Nonlinear Laser Vibrational Spectroscopy
    • Interfacial Water Structure
    • Bio-photonics and Radiation Pressure Induced Effects
  • Dr Rajesh Nair

    Dr. Rajesh V. Nair

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    • Nano-optics
    • Quantum photonics
    • Color centers
  • Dr S Dasgupta

    Dr. Shubhrangshu Dasgupta

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    • Quantum optics
    • Quantum plasmonics
    • Quantum biology
  • Dr Vishwa Pal

    Dr. Vishwa Pal

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    • Phase locking of lasers
    • Coherent optical computing
    • Laser beam shaping