Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics

The mission of the Nuclear Physics division is to discover, explore, and understand various aspects of, neutrinos – the weakly interacting fundamental particles most abundant in the universe next to photons, and nuclear reaction dynamics, structure & astrophysics. This requires a broad approach to different, but related, scientific frontiers: improving our understanding of the building blocks of matter; discovering the origins of nuclei; and identifying the forces that transform matter.

  • Dr Deepika Choudhury

    Dr. Deepika Choudhury

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    • High spin nuclear structure physics
    • Lifetime measurements and isomers
    • Nuclear Fission studies
  • Prof. P K Raina

    Prof. P. K. Raina

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    • Nuclear Physics
    • Astrophysics
  • Dr Pushpendra P Singh

    Dr. Pushpendra P. Singh

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    • Accelerator-based low-energy nuclear reactions studies
    • Rare-decay measurement towards the Neutrino-less Double-Beta Decay studies
    • Nuclear instrumentation for societal applications
    • Nuclear Structure

    • Neutrino-less double beta decay