Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science

The scientific activity of the Condensed Matter Physics & Material Science division is primarily focused to explore fundamental physics of bulk as well as low dimensional materials, design and development of new frontier materials for next generation applications. We employ advanced techniques to synthesize and probe surface and interface effects in materials, optoelectronic properties of combinatorial thin films, and physics of Graphene and low dimensional systems for nanodevice applications.

  • Dr Debangsu Roy

    Dr. Debangsu Roy

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    • Insulating spintronics
    • Spin-orbit torque in magnetic heterostructure
  • Dr Mukesh Kumar

    Dr. Mukesh Kumar

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    • Functional and renewable energy materials 
    • TMDC and Sensor
    • Broadband Photodetector
  • Prof. Rajeev Ahuja

    Prof. Rajeev Ahuja

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    • Computational materials science
    • Hydrogen storage & production
    • Sensors & high pressure physics
  • Dr Rakesh Kumar

    Dr. Rakesh Kumar

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    • Topological Materials
    • Two-dimensional Materials
    • Magnetic and superconducting materials
  • Dr Sandeep Gautam

    Dr. Sandeep Gautam

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    • Quantum degenerate gases 
    • Ultracold gases at finite temperatures 
    • Quantum droplet physics
  • Dr Subhendu Sarkar

    Dr. Subhendu Sarkar

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    • Ion beam nanostructuring and applications

    • Self-assembly and applications