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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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dhiraj.mahajan @ iitrpr.ac.in


Dr Dhiraj K. Mahajan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Ropar. He was a post-doctoral researcher at ICAMS (Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulations), Ruhr University Bochum (Germany), which he joined after his Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur in the field of Solid Mechanics. He has a bachelor’s degree in Production Technology from Punjab Technical University and a master’s degree in Advanced Manufacturing Processes from NIT Warangal. At IIT Ropar, he is coordinating a research laboratory named “Ropar Mechanics of Materials Laboratory” that is focused on materials, design, and advanced manufacturing. His immediate focus is on the indigenous development of hydrogen energy technology (including the development of high-pressure hydrogen storage Type IV tanks, proton exchange membrane fuel cells, etc.) toward a zero-emission future for the country. Along with this, he is focusing on medical device development using micromanufacturing processes. He has filed five patents to date and has coordinated more than INR 75 million worth of sponsored and consultancy projects. He has (co)-authored more than 30 refereed journal publications (h-index: 14, 500+ citations; Google Sholar Link: https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=GUDzM8MAAAAJ&hl=en), 3 Book Chapters, and 10 refereed conference publications. He is also a winner of several awards from the Hydrogen Association of India.


Scientific Interest:

·         Hydrogen storage and Hydrogen based zero-emission solutions

·         Experiment and simulation-assisted development of hydrogen-embrittlement-resistant metals.

·         Experiment and simulation-assisted development of polymers for energy and biomedical applications

·         Micromanufacturing processes


Work Experience:

·         Associate Professor at IIT Ropar December 2019-till date

·         Assistant Professor at IIT Ropar from December 2013-December 2019

·         Visiting Faculty at ICAMSRuhr University Bochum, Germany, May 2014-July  2014

·         Postdoctoral Researcher (Advisor: Prof. Alexander Hartmaier) at ICAMSRuhr University Bochum, Germany, January 2010-December 2013


Sponsored Projects:

1.      Additive Manufacturing & Machine Learning based Development of Indigenous Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack, Role: PI, Cost: 74 L, DST

2.      Development of Compressed Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Integrated System Suitable for Light-Duty Vehicles, Role: Co-PI, Cost: 4.6 Crore (IITB-2.42 + IITRPR-2.24), DST

3.      IIT Ropar as National Resource Centre for Manufacturing, Role: PI, Cost: 14 L, MHRD

4.      Biodegradable Polymeric Stents: From Synthesis of Functionalized Raw Material to its Fabrication using Micro-Injection Moulding Process, Role: PI, Cost: 47 L, DST

5.      Development of an Effluent Treatment Plant for Handtool Industry, Role: PI, Cost: 47 L, UAY-DST

6.      Design, development, and demonstration of indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5 kW capacity, Role: Co-PICost: 400 L (IITRPR-75 L), IMPRINT-MHRD

7.      Study of the Effect of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Initiation in Nickel under Hydrogen Environment using Coupled Framework of Crystal Plasticity & Hydrogen Transport Model, Role: PI, Cost: 29.1 L, DST-SERB

8.      Grant under the fund for the improvement of S&T infrastructure (FIST), Role: Co-PICost: 2.35 Crore, DST


Consultancy Projects:

1.      Design and development of a customized elastomeric balloon for a constant air pressure output bio-medical device, COEO Labs, Bangalore; PI, Completed, 5.5 L

2.      Development of Gas Driven Mini-Turbine for Automotive Applications, Enerstrong Technologies Pvt. Ltd, PI, Ongoing: Sep 2021-June 2022, 4.5 L

3.      Synthesis and validation of germicidal coating for BOPP films, Max Speciality Films Limited (MSFL), Nawanshahar, Punjab; Co-PI, Ongoing, 14.99 L

4.      Design Support for Negative Pressure Ambulance and Isolation Room for Covid19 Patients, Bafna Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., PI, Completed, 2.6 L

5.      Received CSR funding from ANSYS to install negative pressure room in Hospitals of Ropar district under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Ropar, Ansys Softwares Pvt. Ltd., Pune; PI, Ongoing, 8 L

6.      Independent Verification Agency-TEQIP III, NPIU-MHRD-World Bank, PI, Completed, 55.69 L


Administrative Roles:

1.      Department Representative for Academic Council for Research & Post Graduate Studies (ACRPGS) from Apr 2020-till date.

2.      Head, Training & Placement Cell, IIT Ropar from Apr’17-Jul’21. Brought several reforms in the functioning of T&P Cell. Played a key role in establishing Career Development & Corporate Relation Centre (CDCRC) at IIT Ropar and starting a B.Tech program with an Additional Internship and Joint Master's Thesis program.

3.      Coordinator, National Resource Centre for Manufacturing at IIT Ropar from Aug'18-Jul'19 to develop a 20-hour MOOC on Manufacturing. This course is floated on the Swayam Platform by GoI and includes extensive inputs from thought leaders from Industry and Academia.

4.       Organizing Team Member for SAE-BAJA 2018 at IIT Ropar, Jan’ 17-Mar’18.

5.       Faculty In-charge, Board of Cultural Activities (BOCA), IIT Ropar, Aug'14 - Jun’15.

6.       Established an online teaching feedback mechanism for IIT Ropar, June'14 - Nov’14.


Other Services:

1.      AWaDH Internship Carnival - 2021 Coordinator. Trained 100 students from all over India (online mode) on Agriculture and Water Technologies, May21-August’21 (80+ patent applications submitted by interns based on their 8-week work in this internship carnival)


Academic/Professional Award and Recognition: 

1.      Articles on Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles:

      a.      https://tinyurl.com/4uqucoar

      b.      https://tinyurl.com/yrrddfsr

2.      The work done on the Low-Cost Negative Pressure Room during the Covid-I outbreak was appreciated by MHRD minister, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, in his tweet (@DrRPNishank) on April 4th 2020

       a.      Related News article link

3.      IIT Ropar student team with Dr Dhiraj K. Mahajan as advisor won the second prize in HY Contest-2019 organized by the Hydrogen Association of India for the report titled "Modeling the Hydrogen Refuelling Station for Heavy Duty Bus Applications".

4.      International Travel Support Award for attending the 13th International Conference on the Mechanical Behavior of Materials held at RIMT, Melbourne, Australia, June 2019.

5.      In a conference organized by the Indian Structural Integrity Society (InSIS) and DMRL named Structural Integrity Conference and Exhibition 2018 at Hyderabad from 25th-27th July 2018, two Ph.D. students (Rakesh Kumar and Aman Arora) won the best poster and best presentation awards.

6.     IIT Ropar student team with Dr Dhiraj K. Mahajan as advisor won the Veziroglu Award in HY Contest-2017 organized by the Hydrogen Association of India for the report titled "An Innovative Fuel Cell Application for Rural India: From Concept to Design".

7.     IIT Ropar student team with Dr Dhiraj K. Mahajan as advisor won the second prize in HY Contest-2015 organized by Hydrogen Association of India for the report titled "Hydrogen Refueling Dispensing Station Model".

8.     Best Poster Award at DAE-BRNS Symposium on Multiscale Modeling of Materials and Devices (MMMD-2014) held at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai from October 30-November 2, 2014.



1. Member of CII Taskforce on Green Hydrogen 2022-23

2. Member of CII National Committee on Future Mobility & Battery Storage for the year 2021-22 and 2022-23

3. Panel members for revision of IS 16735:2018 `Cylinders for on-Board Storage of Compressed Gaseous Hydrogen and Hydrogen Blends as a Fuel for Automotive Vehicles Specification'

4. Member of TED27 and TED26 Committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards

5. Education and Student Engagement Committee of ASPIRE led by the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT)

6. Executive Member of Indian Structural Integrity Society (InSIS).

7. Member of Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)



1. Methodology to Extract Stress Maps from Electron Backscatter Diffraction Data, Status: Filed, Application No. 202011009920, Country of filing: India

2. Leak Proof Liner-Boss Assembly for Type IV Hydrogen Storage Tanks, Status: Filed, Application No. 202011022281, Country of filing: India

3. System for optimizing air pressure in a compartment and a method thereof, Status: Filed, Application No. 202211011084, Country of filing: India

4. A Lifecycle indicator for personal protective equipment and perishable objects and a method of configuring thereof, Status: Filed, Application No. 202211007861, Country of filing: India

5. An autonomous system for low payload gripper changing mechanism and its method thereof, Status: Filed, Application No. 202211000649, Country of filing: India

Journal Publications:


[25] A Husain and D. K. Mahajan Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on DC electrical conductivity and acetone vapour sensing properties of polypyrrole, Carbon Trends, Volume 9, October 2022, 100193 doi:.1016/j.cartre.2022.100193

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 Book Chapter:

[2] V. Singh, K. S. Arora, and D. K. Mahajan, Investigation into hydrogen induced blister cracking and mechanical failure in pipeline steels. In: Advances in Structural Integrity: Structural Integrity over Multiple Length Scales, to be published in Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering.

[1] R. Singh, and D. K. Mahajan, Crystal orientation effect on SIF in single crystals: A study based on coupled framework of XFEM and crystal plasticity model. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 9789811060014  , (2018), pp. 457-471. doi:10.1007/978-981-10-6002-137

 Conference Publications:

[10] R. Singh, A. Singh, P. K. Singh, and D. K. Mahajan, Effect of hydrogen on short crack propagation in SA508 Grade 3 Class I low alloy steel under cyclic loading. Procedia Structural Integrity, Volume 14, 2019, Pages 930- 936 doi:10.1016/j.prostr.2019.07.073 

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 [1] D. K. Mahajan, and S. Basu. Characterization of deformation behaviour of glassy polymers using molecular dynamics simulations. In: Proceedings of the 2 nd ICCMS-2006, December 2006, IIT Guwahati, India.


M.Tech./Dual Degree (B.Tech+M.Tech)

B.Tech. (Major Project)


2014-15: Gaurav Jagannath Mahajan, Sachin Kumar, Tushar Chaudhary

2015-16: Kishan Govind, Vishal Goyal, Ishneet Singh, Sumit Dahiya, Kuricheti Ravi Teja, Aashish kholiya, Maneesh Verma, Sajeed Mahaboob, Krishanu Sarkar, Adarsh Kumar

2016-17: Peeyushi Raghav, Anshu Kaushal, Jitin Madhu, Paryant Pradhan, Shivam Jindal, Prasoon Ratnam, Randhir Swarnkar, Ranjan Kumar, Tijender Singh, Gaurav Behrani, Vishal Gupta;

2017-18: Amanjot Singh, Deepesh Meena, Pradeep Kalra, J Sai Nitin, Swapnil Rai

2018-19: Aakash Ravgotra, Anuj Kalsotra, Harsha B T, Rishabh Anchalia, Rishabh Goel, Ritik Rai, Rushit Virani

2019-20: Ujwal Goel, Abhinash Barnwal; 

2020-21: Roshan Kumar Parihar, Saaransh Agarwal, Sahil Dighe


Dr. Rajwinder Singh

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Dr. Harupjit Singh

Dr. Navneet K. Singh

Dr. Aman Arora

Mr. Shovit Sagar

Mr. Mukesh Kumar

Mr. Yashpal Singh

Mr. Sandeep Mehla

Mr. Mohd. Faizal

Akash Bhardwaj

Sumit Dahiya

Yashjeet Chaudhary

Sanjay Barfa

Mohit Deshmukh

Mohit Singh



Areas of Research: 

PhD (Solid Mechanics), IIT Kanpur (Advisor: Prof. Sumit Basu)

M.Tech, NIT Warangal


Teaching Interests

Crystal Plasticity, Applied Numerical Methods, Machine Design, Mechanics of Materials, Atomistic Modeling of Materials, Continuum Mechanics, Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations, Fracture and Fatigue, Advanced Manufacturing Techniques.