Prof. Sarit K. Das

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Professor and Director





Areas of Research: 

Heat transfer in Nanofluids,Microchannel fluid flow and heat transfer,Heat and mass transfer in Biological systems,Laser mediated tumor ablation,Boiling heat transfer,Heat transfer in porous media,Nuclear thermal hydraulics,Dynamics and two phase flow studies in Fuel cells,Transition to turbulence,Jet oscillations and Instability,Flow and heat transfer studies in Heat Exchangers


Post Doctoral (Plate and Liquid Metal Heat Exchangers),University of BW Hamburg, Germany,1993-94

Ph.D (Engg) (Heat Transfer),Sambalpur University,1994

M.E.(Engg) (Heat Power Engg),Jadavpur University,1987

B.E (Mechanical Engineering),Jadavpur University,1984

Selected Publications/Patents: 

1. O'Hern, Sean; Stewart, Cameron; Boutilier, Michael; Idrobo, Juan-Carlos; Bhaviripudi, Sreekar; Das, Sarit; Kong, Jing; Laoui, Tahar; Atieh, Muataz; Karnik, RohitSelective molecular transport through intrinsic defects in a single layer of CVD graphene, accepted for publication in ACS Nano (2012).

2. Kalpana Sarojini K G; Manoj Siva V; Pawan K Singh; Pradeep T and Sarit K. Das; Electrical conductivity of metallic and ceramic nanofluids, accepted for publication in Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2012)

3. P.K. Jithesh, A.S.Bansode, T.Sundararajan and Sarit K.Das, The Effect of Flow Distributors on the Liquid Water Distribution and Performance of a PEM Fuel Cell , Available online in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2012).

4. K. Shaji, and Sarit K. Das Effect of Plate Characteristics on Axial Dispersion and Heat Transfer in Plate Heat Exchangers, accepted for publication in Journal of Heat Transfer, Trans ASME (2012).

5. Prakash Narayan Govindan, Mostafa H. Elsharqawy , Steven Lam , Sarit K. Das, John Lienhard V, Bubble columns for condensation at high concentrations of non-condensable gas: heat transfer model and experiments, accepted for publication in AIChE Journal (2012).

6. Kambham Tanuja, Abhijit Sarkar, Sarit K. Das, A computational model to determine the effect of interconnecting hydrogen bonds in DNA deformation, accepted for publication in Int. Journal of Micro-Nano Scale Transport (2012).

7. V. Kumaresan, R. Velraj, Sarit K. Das, Convective heat transfer characteristics of secondary refrigerant based CNT nanofluids in a tubular heat exchanger, accepted for publication in International Journal of Refrigeration (2012).

8. Ugandhar Puli, A.K. Rajvanshi, Sarit K. Das , Investigation of Bubble Behavior in Sub cooled Flow Boiling of Water in Horizontal Annulus Using High Speed Flow Visualization, accepted for publication in Heat Transfer Engineering, (2012).

9. Sen Gupta, Soujit, Sreeprasad, T., Maliyekkal, Shihabudheen, Das, Sarit K., Pradeep, Thalappil, Graphene from Sugar and its Application in Water Purification, accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces(2012).

10. Pawan K. Singh, P. V. Harikrishna, T. Sundararajan, Sarit K. Das, Experimental and numerical investigation into the hydrodynamics of nanofluids in microchannels, accepted for publication in Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, (2012)

11. Robin Jacob, Tanmay Basak and Sarit K.Das, Experimental and Numerical Study on Microwave heating on Nanofluids, accepted for publication in International Journal of Thermal Sciences, (2012).

12. Vellaisamy Kumareasan, Ramalingam Velraj and Sarit K.Das ,The Effect of Carbon Nanotubes in Enhancing the Thermal Transport Properties of PCM During Solidification , Heat and Mass Transfer, Do110.1007/s00231-012-0980-3, (2012).

13. Nilesh Agrawal, Seik Mansoor Ali, K. Velusamy, and Sarit K. Das, A Correlation for Heat Transfer in Laminar Natural Convection in an Enclosure Containing Uniform Mixture of Air and Hydrogen, Int. Communication in Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 39(1), pp-24-29, (2012).

14. K. Shaji, Bobbili Prabhakara Rao, Bengt Sunden, Wilfried Roetzel and Sarit K. Das, Logarithmic Mean Pressure Difference – A New Concept in the Analysis of Flow Distribution in Parallel Channel Plate Heat Exchangers, Heat Transfer Engineering, Vol. 33(8), pp- 669-681, (2012).

15. Ashwin Ramesh, S.V.Diwakar and Sarit.K.Das Numerical Prediction of Contact Line Dynamics on Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces , Int. Journal of Micro-nano Scale Transport, Vol. 2(1), pp-99-107, (2011).

16. Diwakar S.V., Mangarjuna Rao P., Kasinathan N., Sarit K. Das, Sundararajan. T, Numerical Prediction of Fire Extinguishment Characteristics of Sodium Leak Collection Tray in a Fast Breeder Reactor , Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 241, pp- 4633-5326, (2011).

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18. Nilesh Agarwal, K.Velusamy, Sarit.K.Das “ A Method to Characterize Mixing and Flammability of Hydrogen air Mixtures in Enclosure” , Int. Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.36(19), pp-12607-12617 (2011).

19. Soham Ghosh, Tamal Das, Suman Chakraborty and Sarit K Das, Predicting DNA Mediated Drug Delivery in Interior Carcinoma using Electromagnetically Excited Nanoparticles, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol. 41(9), pp-771-779, (2011).

20. Pawan K. Singh, P. V. Harikrishna, T. Sundararajan, Sarit K. Das, Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the heat transfer study of Nanofluids in Microchannels, Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol.133(12), pp-121701(9 pages), (2011).