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The mandate of the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is to coordinate and regulate all the above aspects of student life at IIT Ropar. This is carried out primarily through two bodies:

1. The Hostels Coordinating Unit ( HCU )
2. The Students Council

The HCU is under the charge of Chairman. He coordinates and interfaces with the Council of Wardens. All of these functionaries are members of faculty of IIT Ropar. Day to day matters in the hostels are looked after by the Hall Manager and by an elected Hostel Council of students led by the Hostel General Secretary.

The common thread that runs throughout the Division of Student Affairs is a commitment to enable all students to participate in an engaging, healthy, and active learning environment during their time at IIT Ropar . A key role is played in coordinating the activities and in representing the students by an apex group of elected General Secretaries.



Music Club known for uniting the music fraternity of IIT Ropar, the music club promotes the music culture among the students and faculty alike, giving a stage to willing performers and a platform to beginners to cultivate their skills. It organizes an array of events encompassing many genres, both Western and Eastern.
FAC is the perfect platform for you to showcase your artistic capabilities and also learn a lot of new things at the same time.The club organizes various events such as Street Painting, Graffiti, Face Painting etc during Zeigeist.

IIT Ropar Gym is well equipped. The Gym is great for building strength, burning fat, improving general fitness, or for specifics sports conditioning. The Gym is open for all members of IIT Ropar.

Akash Verma

President Student Council

Email :
Phone : +91-9454654053

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