Welcome to Student-Council IIT Ropar. The Student-CouncilStudent-Council along with its infrastructure is an organization to foster and develop all student activities in the Institute.

Message From Dean

What I understand the duty of student affairs (SA) is to create an environment to students to participate in various academic and non-academic activities, while judiciously ensuring discipline and security, for making them global "learned" leaders with utmost satisfaction on their understanding, knowledge and experience gained while staying at campus. I strongly believe that, our students have huge potential to become world leaders and SA team is working hard to ensure this happen !


Dr. Rajendra Srivastava won the coveted NASI-SCOPUS young scientist award.

Dr. Durba Pal won the National Academy of Sciences young scientist platinum jubilee award.

__ rank in ACM-ICPC nationals achieved by college team.

Orci phasellus egestas tellus rutrum.

Council Heads

Aakash Verma

President (Student Council)

Shashi Dubey

General-Secretary (BOCA)

Shreshta Gothalyan

General-Secretary (BOSA)

Mohit Sharma

General-Secretary (BOLA)

Lakshya Narang

General-Secretary (BOST)

Shashank Roy Saxena

General-Secretary (BOHA)

Recents news

  • Shashi Dubey
  • 22 Oct
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Zeitgeist was scintillating

Zeitgeist was a great success.People from many colleges participated and enjoyed to the fullest.

  • Shashank Roy Saxena
  • 6 Nov
  • 0

Diwali Celebrations at the Campus

Students enjoyed bonfire organized.People gathered around the fireplace and played antakshari till late night.

  • Lakshay Narang
  • 25 Oct
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Advitiya Coming Soon

Get ready for one of the most beautiful Technical Festival of the country- Advitiya COMING SOON