Unique features of the curriculum

Unique features of the curriculum are as follows:

  1. Curriculum based on education/curriculum theories: New Curriculum is based on education/curriculum theories, in particular based on Tyler-Taba Rationale, which emphasizes societal context of education along with individual development of students. A lot of time was spent in literature survey on the curriculum development process itself.


  1. Strong fundamentals: The new curriculum will be more rigorous and formal in nature. The total credits have been reduced so that the students can get more time for preparation and self-study. They will be given more assignments and have to go through periodical quizzes. This will help them to grasp and retain the fundamentals of Engineering in a better manner.


  1. Hands-on learning: It has been a common observation that the IIT graduates lack Hands-on skills as compared to theoretical ones. New curriculum of IIT Ropar has addressed this problem as well.There are many courses to encourage hands on learning. Technology Museum Lab, Tinkering Lab, Introduction to Engineering Products etc.are some of the examples. Apart from this, the lab credits have also been increased relative to lecture credits.


  1. Creativity and Innovation: As per new curriculum, the labs will be conducted differently to inculcate not only hands on learning but also creativity and innovation. As opposed to conventional lab practices, the students will be asked to design their own in the second half of the academic semester. Besides, there will be capstone projects, development engineering project, etc. which will give students a lots of opportunities for creativity and innovation.


  1. Prevention of Fragmentation of knowledge: To avoid fragmentation of knowledge, the new curriculum has been designed to interlink and intertwine different courses. This will help students to grasp and retain the knowledgeable and have broader sense understanding of the subject at the end of the day.


  1. Connection to society: One of the main objectives of new curriculum is that the graduating engineers should have enough training to identify and address the problems of the society. This is only possible if they are given opportunities to look at the problems of the society and try to find solutions by using engineering principles.  To this end, there will be a couple of compulsory courses as a part of which the students will go to the society, identify the problems faced by the people, choose one such problem as a project and solve it using engineering principles.


  1. Sports & Social activities: The sports activities havebeen made part of core curriculum. There will be mandatory credits for extracurricular activities and for community services as well.



  1. Four options available under B. Tech. Programme: 1. B. Tech. Basic, 2. B. Tech. with Minor, 3. B. Tech. with Concentration and 4. B. Tech. with Honors.