7th Annual International Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics


Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

February 11-13, 2021

CALDAM 2021 Accepted Papers

M A Shalu and V K Kirubakaran. On cd-coloring of trees and co-biparite graphs
Arnab Maiti, Amatya Sharma and Palash Dey. On Parameterized Complexity of Liquid Democracy
Aditya Gulati, Sayak Chakrabarti and Rajat Mittal. On algorithms to find p-ordering
Roberto Solis-Oba, Andrew Bloch-Hansen and Nasim Samei. Experimental Evaluation of a Local Search Approximation Algorithm for the Multiway Cut Problem
Kelin Luo and Frits Spieksma. Online bin packing with overload cost
Sergey Bereg, J. M. Díaz-Báñez, Paul Horn, Mario A. Lopez and Jorge Urrutia. Failure and communication in a synchronized multi-drone system
Frank Gurski, Dominique Komander and Carolin Rehs. Acyclic coloring parameterized by directed clique-width
Apoorv Garg and Abhiram Ranade. Scheduling Trains with Small Stretch on a Unidirectional Line
Piotr Wojciechowski, K. Subramani, Alvaro Velasquez and Bugra Caskurlu. Algorithmic analysis of Priority-based bin packing
Ioannis Mantas, Marko Savić and Hendrik Schrezenmaier. New variants of Perfect Non-crossing matchings
I Vinod Reddy. On Structural Parameterizations of Load Coloring
Manoj Changat, Ferdoos Hossein Nezhad and Peter Stadler. Cut Vertex Transit Function of Hypergraphs
Ghurumuruhan Ganesan. Recursive methods for some problems in coding and random permutations
Ghurumuruhan Ganesan. Achieving positive rates with predetermined dictionaries
Manoj Changat, Prasanth G. Narasimha-Shenoi and Mary Shalet T J. Lexicographic Product of Digraphs and related Boundary-type Sets
Maithilee Patawar and Kalpesh Kapoor. Characterization of Dense Patterns Having Distinct Squares
Archak Das, Kaustav Bose and Buddhadeb Sau. Memory Optimal Dispersion by Anonymous Mobile Robots
N.S. Narayanaswamy and Adarsh Srinivasan. The Connected Domination Number of Grid Graphs
Sandip Das, Siddani Bhaskara Rao and Uma Kant Sahoo. On degree sequences and eccentricities in pseudoline arrangement graphs
Chakradhar Padamutham and Venkata Subba Reddy Palagiri. Algorithmic Aspects of Total Roman and Total Double Roman Domination in Graphs
Sheikh Shakil Akhtar, Sandip Das and Harmender Gahlawat. Cops and Robber on Butterflies and Solid Grids
Francis P, Francis Raj S and Gokulnath M. Bounds on b-coloring of powers of hypercube
Athmakoori Prashant and Gokulnath M. Chromatic bounds for the subclasses of $pK_2$-free graphs
Miroslaw Kowaluk and Andrzej Lingas. Quantum and approximation algorithms for maximum witnesses of Boolean matrix products
L. Sunil Chandran, Sajal K. Das, Pavol Hell, Sajith Padinhatteeri and Raji R. Pillai. Rainbow Coloring of Proper Interval Graphs
Arun Kumar Das, Sandip Das and Joydeep Mukherjee. Approximation Algorithms for Orthogonal Line Centers
Manoj Changat, Nella Jeena Jacob and Prasanth G. Narasimha-Shenoi. Axiomatic characterization of the median function of a block graph
Ton Kloks and Arti Pandey. Semitotal Domination on AT-free Graphs and Circle Graphs
P Francis and Deepak Rajendraprasad. On coupon coloring of Cartesian product of some graphs
Ajinkya Gaikwad, Soumen Maity and Shuvam Kant Tripathi. Parameterized Complexity of Locally Minimal Defensive Alliances
Vahideh Keikha, Hamidreza Keikha and Ali Mohades. Cause I'm a Genial Imprecise Point: Outlier Detection for Uncertain Data
Satyabrata Jana, Supantha Pandit and Sasanka Roy. Balanced Connected Graph Partition
Václav Blažej, Michal Opler, Matas Šileikis and Pavel Valtr. On the Intersections of Non-homotopic Loops
Arya Gupta, Swapnil Lokhande and Kaushik Mondal. Burning Grids and Intervals
B S Panda and Pooja Goyal. Hardness Results of Global Roman Domination in Graphs
Aneta Pokorna, Pavel Valtr and David Hartman. On the Connectivity and Diameter of Betweenness Uniform Graphs
Sanjana Dey, Anil Maheshwari and Subhas Nandy. Minimum Consistent Subset of Simple Graph Classes
Sanjana Dey, Anil Maheshwari and Subhas Nandy. Minimum Consistent Subset of Simple Graph Classes
Prahlad Narasimhan Kasthurirangan. One-Sided Terrain Guarding and Chordal Graphs
Sandip Das, Subhadeep Ranjan Dev and Sarvottamananda Swami. An Optimal Algorithm to Compute the Minkowski Sum of Convex Polytopes