Biomedical-Photonics Lab



The research in biomedical-photonics is one of the frontier areas of science and technology because, light is rapidly becoming an important diagnostic tool and a powerful weapon for modern physician. This is marked by the exponential growth of photonic-based technologies in the last decade applied to biology and medicine. Thus, biophotonics based tools is expected to play a key role in next-generation diagnostic, analytical, and therapeutic modalities of the 21st century.


“BioMedical-Photonics Lab” at IIT Ropar deals the highly interdisciplinary research work in collaboration with clinical professionals (e.g., surgeon, pathologist) that combines the expertise of physics, clinical science, biology and engineering at International level to address the challenges of biology and medicine. Our goal is to develop novel photonics-based tools and, use them to understand the initiation and progression mechanism of disease as well as facilitate the early diagnosis, which can lead to an effective treatment of the disease.


Techniques and Tools:

  • Tissue Imaging and Analytical Diagnostics
  • Raman / NIR / FTIR / Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Optics, lasers & fiber-optics based sensors for healthcare
  • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Microscopy/Imaging
  • Data analysis (AI),  Image analysis


Principal Investigator

Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor, CBME

Office: Room 122 (SS Bhatnagar Block, Main campus)


Phone: (+91)- 01881 232508


Research area:  Physics in Medicine, Biomedical-Photonics, Spectroscopy and Microscopy, [osteoarthritis, cartilage and collagen imaging]