Name Thesis Title Thesis Defense date Current Work Place Designation Profile
Dr. Rohit Jahari Violence and the Morality Principle in Select English Novels April 13, 2022 NA NA
Dr. Rita Rani Chopra Water Footprints and Social Well-Being: A Case Study of India March 09, 2022 NA NA
Dr. Bijoy Rakshit Implications of Bank Competition on Financial Stability, Access to Finance and Monetary Policy: Indian Perspectives August 12, 2021 NA NA
Dr. Jasmine Sharma Technopower, Technobodies and Technoconsumption: The Representation of Technoculture in the SF Novels of Margaret Atwood July 30, 2021 NA NA
Dr. Mahima Gulati The Role of Case in Incremental Argument Interpretation: Evidence from Punjabi July 16, 2021 NA NA
Dr. Shikha Bhattamishra Electrophysiology of gender agreement comprehension: Evidence from Hindi June 23, 2021 NA NA
Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi Phonology and Sociolinguistics of Kanauji April 01, 2019 Central Institute of Indian Languages LJRO(Group 'A Gazetted') View
Dr. Devi Prasad Dash Three Essays in Urban Economics September 20, 2018 NA Assistant Professor View
Dr. Lekha Roy Towards Post-Blackness: A Critical Study of the Poetry of Rita Dove November 26, 2018 NA NA
Dr. Gulab Chand Potter The Phonology of reduplication in Hadoti: An Optimality Theoretic Approach April 23, 2018 NA Assistant professor
Dr. Rajesh Sharma Essays on Banks, Financial Intermediation and Economic Growth in India April 17, 2018 Delhi Technological University Assistant Professor View
Dr. Jaswinder Singh A Study of Social Discourse in the Bani of Guru Nanak, Kabir and Sant Ravidas in the Guru Granth Sahib March 15, 2018 Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala Assistant Professor