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Welcome to Rajendra Catalysis Research Group, IIT Ropar


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The objective of our research is to develop a new class of nanoporous materials or develop synthesis strategies that enable us to significantly improve the physicochemical properties of existing materials. In order to obtain the desired activity for appointed catalytic applications, multifunctional solid catalysts with isolated and/or well defined catalytic active sites are developed. Consequently, the synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of microporous/mesoporous crystalline materials such as zeolites, metal oxides, polyaniline, hybrid organo-inorganic materials such as MOF, carbon materials, and nanoparticles are of significant interest to us. Catalysts with mono or multifunctional active sites allow us to use them in a wide range of applications that include, heterogeneous catalysis in chemicals synthesis, photo-assisted chemical synthesis, electrocatalytic applications (such as energy applications and sensing), production of alternative energy resources, etc. A selection of scientific articles published in the last 5-6 years showcases the research developed in my group.