Rajmohini Soni (2019 Batch Civil Engineering)
Jul 6 '20 · 4 min read |   383

IIT ROPAR aims at providing best possible resources to every student living on campus. To ensure ease of living, the students can avail the following facilities.


IIT ROPAR has 4 hostels namely,

  1. Chenab
  2. Beas
  3. Sutlej
  4. Raavi
  • The male students pursuing B-tech, M-tech or PhD degree, reside in the first three hostels mentioned above. The female students live in separate Raavi hostel.
  • For all Hostels, each room has a maximum sharing of two students.

The hostels provides the following facilities,

  1. RO filter water : Common to a floor
  2. Sweepers for everyday cleaning of rooms and washrooms.
  3. Geysers are installed in bathrooms.
  4. Laundry and Ironing services can be availed. Automatic washing machines are also installed.
  5. Well equipped gym for fitness purposes.
  6. Separate LAN ports for each student.
  7. Godrej Almirahs, study table, a chair and a single bed for each student.
  8. A common room with installed television for recreational purposes.
  9. Daily Newspapers
  10. Guest rooms need to be pre-booked by the students for relatives on campus visit.

B) The Utility Block:

All basic requirements are fulfilled at a single place.

The following shops are present:-

  1. Barber Shop
  2. • A separate cubicle for females is also present within the shop.
  3. Stationery Shop
  4. General Store
  5. Fruit Shop
  6. Juice Corner
  7. In addition to these; a South Indian canteen and main cafeteria is there within the utility block.


  • The Annapurna Mess is divided into two wings to avoid overcrowding.
  • A weekly menu is prepared which changes every 2-3 months.
  • Proper cleanliness and quality of food is ensured through regular checks.
  • A student feedback register is also maintained.
  • Recently, an app was developed for tracking attendance, providing menus and showing daily food wastage so that it can be reduced.


  • High temperature and little humidity can be felt during day times in summers. Evening and nights are fairly moderate and pleasant. Reasonable amount of rain is encountered from July to September.
  • Winter could be harsh with minimum temperature dropping to 4°-5°C. People from coastal areas, specifically South India, may face problems.


  • A 24 X 7 open library, with the majority of books required by students available.
  • An institute ID card is made for each student for issuing of books.


  • Enough security guards are present at each hostel and other buildings too.
  • On leaving the campus, students has to make an entry at the Main gate.
  • No student is allowed to leave or enter the campus between 11PM - 5AM. Strict fines are imposed on students who don't follow these guidelines.


  • IIT ROPAR is strictly a no ragging campus.
  • In any case of misconduct, strict action is definitely taken against the defaulters.
  • Every student is provided with a mentor under the ISMP initiative and they are dedicated to help the students.


  • There are many cultural, literary and scientific clubs active in IIT ROPAR. These clubs help in holistic personality development of students in addition to academics.


  • For academics please see the "ACADEMICS" post in the FAQ section of ISMP website.


The following sports facilities are available:-

  • 3 Basketball courts
  • 4 Tennis courts
  • 5 Volleyball courts
  • 2 badminton courts
  • 1 Athletics ground
  • 1 Hockey ground
  • 2 Table Tennis courts

Coaches for all sports activities are always available to guide the students in their specific interests.