How to make decisions?

Vikrant Syal (2016 Batch Civil Engineering)
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Leaving homes and stepping into the hostel for the next four years, will be a huge turning point in your life. So friends, why not turn in the right direction, for you have miles to go ahead?

The good thing about hostels is freedom. The bad thing about them is, again, freedom. Once you are not answerable to anyone, you have the urge, the guts, and the capability to live life on your own terms. So, does that mean you have to carry the weight of all your responsibilities on your shoulders? Maybe. 'Maybe', because it's one's own choice to either turn away from responsibilities and live a smooth but sedentary life, or to face them and grow as an individual. It's one's own decision-making that helps him steer his way through the tough times. And trust me, it is this decision-making skill that gives an 'extra' to the ordinary.Neither a flip of a magic hat, nor a swoosh of a magic wand can inculcate in you this skill. One needs time and experience to acquire this skill.

There are situations, some topsy-turvy times, when you might not be able to interpret as to what should be done at the given moment. At times, you might be missing out on things due to some other commitments. It is here, that your aforementioned skill comes into play. You just have to sort out your priorities according to your future goals, keeping your academics first, and then your co-curriculars. Generally, in the first few months of college life, one is zealous and keen to try out different clubs and become a part of different societies, which is good, if he/she knows how to manage time well. But, what happens is, things don't turn out the way we plan. Amidst all the excitement and enthusiasm, one starts to lose focus and the work starts piling up. One should always keep in mind, his goal, and shouldn't let his focus deviate. All the decisions should be made while keeping his short-term as well as long-term goals as priority.

I sincerely encourage you to join clubs,but not too many as your academics might get affected. Also know one thing, friends, solely academics will take you nowhere. Clubs and societies develop one's personality. Our college provides an ocean of opportunities, one just needs to dive in and explore.

Decision making is also very important when it comes to choosing your friend circle. You might have heard a phrase “You are the average of your friends”. One’s peer group affects one’s personality drastically. One needs to be careful while choosing friends. It is your peer group that will either encourage you on your way to success or will try to pull you down the ladder to your goal.

Not everyone can be expected to understand you in a manner to be qualified as your closest friend, but apart from having a few friends close, be on good terms with others too as you never know when you might need someone.Friendships and bonds made during the hostel life remain forever, so this is a huge area to invest in, wisely. It is advisable for the freshers to have a healthy interaction with their seniors, who are always there to guide them in case of any issue.