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In every IIT it is mandatory for each and every student to live in the campus premises itself in order to promote self-dependency and bonhomie. And to fulfil that, every IIT has hostels for students. For ensuring that the hostels are maintained properly and students are comfortable , a hostel secretary is elected.

Under hostel secretary, there are hostel representatives for each hostel who are responsible for the maintainence of their hostel . Every year, there are competitions among hostel on different festivals like hostel decoration, samagam etc to promote unity,teamwork and competetive spirit among the hostelers.


Samagam allows to foster and develop all student activities in the Institute. It aims at promoting and developing organizational abilities in students. It has been successful over the years in evolving a well-informed, articulate and participatory student community life. It has been instrumental in identifying student issues and promoting discussion on them.


The Institute campus houses four hostels: Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune Hostels for boys and Venus Hostel for girls. The hostels are well equipped for comfortable lodging and boarding of approximately 380 students. All hostels are provided with water coolers and RO systems. Each hostel has a common room that provides facilities for indoor recreation and games. The hostel complex also includes four shops that cater to the basic needs of the residents, and also a few washing machine facility.

The day-to-day management of hostels is taken care of by a committee consisting of student representatives. Each hostel has a warden, who guides the students to manage the affairs of the hostels.


The mess has a spacious and well-ventilated dinning room, a well-equipped and hygienically maintained kitchen, a cold storage room for perishable items and a storeroom for other items. The menu has popular dishes from different regions of the country in order to serve the needs of the hall's mixed population.

Most of the hall residents are charged the mess bill (on a monthly basis) for which a fixed amount gets deducted from the institute assistantship received by them while the balance is paid by the residents through cheque.ds of the residents, and also a few washing machine facility.

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