COVID-19 Update

  1. IIT Ropar team of researchers have developed noble synthetic material for anti-microbial coatings on PPE Kits,disinfecting tunnels, fogging purposes etc,non volatile,no foul smell.

  2. COVID-19 Inventions/Solutions [AT] IIT Ropar.

  3. IIT Ropar and DMC Ludhiana designed Containment Box for protecting front line healthcare workers.

  4. IIT Ropar has designed a doffing unit to enable health workers to remove their personal protective gear under sterile conditions.

  5. Revised Guidelines provided by MHA order dt 15.04.2020.          

  6. IIT Ropar team made UV-C Sterilisation Corona Trunk.

  7. IIT Ropar develops design of Negative Pressure rooms to check spread of COVID-19.
  8. IIT Ropar team comes up with low cost ventilator.
  9. IIT Ropar in collaboration with Chandigarh Police, share the cyber security advisory.
  10. IIT Ropar team of researchers developed low cost automatic compression of ambu bag-an automated resuscitator which squeezes two bags and benefit two patients at a time.This low cost ventilators will fight against Corona.
  11. Circular regarding declaration of Summer Vacation 2020.
  12. IIT Ropar scholar, private Engineers group, develop an app to prevent community transmission.
  13. IIT Ropar provide technique to prepare masks fight with Covid-19 outbreak.                 
  14. Office order on 24-March-2020.
  15. Duty roster for staff as a preventive measure to avoid spread of COVID19, effective from 23rd March to 3rd April 2020 to ensure 50% of Group B & C employees to attend office every day and remaining 50% staff will work from home.
  16. Circular Regarding Advisory For Home Quarantine _ Faculty & Staff.
  17. Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)_Department of Personnel and Training Office Memorandum
  18. Circular regarding faculty/officers/staff who have come from high risk states.
  19. Circular regarding further extension of mid-sem break.
  20. Circular regarding medical screening of the students at the Entry Gate (Main campus and Transit Campus).
  21. Circular regarding suspension of Biometric Attendance_Regular / Direct Contract Staff.
  22. Circular regarding precautionary measures and preparedness against new corona-virus.