Dr Rajesh Gupta
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta
Assistant Professor
225, TC

Area of Research

Theoretical high energy physics


Phd (harish-Chandra Research institute, india)

Other Information

My publications can be found here: 

http://inspirehep.net/search?p=author:R.K.Gupta.2 AND collection:citeable


My areas of research are black holes and quantum field theory. In the direction of black holes, I am specifically interested in understanding the thermodynamical properties of black holes and their statistical interpretation. The research in this direction has also an interdisciplinary aspect relating to counting problems in black hole physics and the modular forms in number theory. Quantum field theory is a fundamental theoretical framework to build models of particle interactions. My primary goal in this direction is to develop new tools and also use the available methods to explore the strongly coupled phases of a quantum field theory.

Group Member

Ms. Meenu (PhD Student)

Lab Facility


1. Duality and Transport for Supersymmetric Graphene from the Hemisphere Partition Function
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta, , Christopher P. Herzog, and Imtak Jeon, 
J. High Energ. Phys. 2020, 23

Open Position

A postdoc position is available. The deadline for the application is 10th March, 2021. The details of the application can be found here.