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The Department of Physics at IIT Ropar was established in 2009 with an ambition to pursue high-level teaching methodologies and top-notch research in advanced areas of experimental & theoretical physics, and interdisciplinary areas of science & technology. Presently, the department supports the undergraduate program of the institute and offers a unique integrated MSc - MS (Research) - Ph.D. programme in physics. Our curiosity-driven research programs train young scientists to acquire knowledge and mold them as global leaders in science & technology to communicate and engage with the broader society. The doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows are mentored in diverse areas of physical sciences, but are not limited to; flexible nano-structures for renewable energy, ion-beam surface modifications, physics of Graphene and nano-devices, low dimensional strongly correlated electron systems, nonlinear light scattering & interfacial structure of biological relevant interfaces, nuclear reaction dynamics, structure & astrophysics, neutrino physics, mesoscopic physics & optomechanics, nano-scale optics & meta-materials, quantum optics, quantum information & computing, and Gravity and Strings.


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Light-Matter Interactions and Quantum Information (click here)


Gravity and Strings (Click here)


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Advertisement for Ph.D. recruitment of CSIR/UGC-JRF qualified candidates in Department of Physics IIT Ropar.


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Call for a JRF (Experimental Nuclear Physics) in a DST - RSF funded international project

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Last date for Application: September 27, 2019 | 5:00 pm


Principal Investigator: Dr. Pushpendra P. Singh

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