Prof. P K Raina
Prof. P. K. Raina

Area of Research

Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Neutrino Physics


Group Member

  • Pawan Kumar, PhD student
  • Shahriar Sarkar, PhD student

Lab Facility


1. Quasi shell gap at 23F
Pawan Kumar, Kanhaiya Jha, , Prof. P. K. RainaDr. Pushpendra P. Singh
Nuclear Physics A  983, 210-222
1. Rotational bands and electromagnetic transitions of some even-even Neodymium nuclei in projected Hartree-Fock model
S. K. Ghorui, , Prof. P. K. Raina, , P. K. Rath, A. K. Singh, Z. Naik, S. K. Patra, and C. R. Praharaj, 
Int. J. Mod. Phys. E 21, 1250070

Open Position