TypeFORM NO. NAME View/Download
GEMSPS-101GEM Registration form for Faculty StaffView/Download
GST Exemption CertificateSPS-102Certificate of Concessional GSTView/Download
PurchaseSPS-103Indent Form View/Download
PurchaseSPS-103(A)Indent form for purchasing below Rs. 25,000 View/Download
SPS-104Indent cum Recommendation Sheet.(For purchasing from Rs. 25,000 - to Rs. 2,50,000)View/Download
SPS-105Format for Director’s Approval for Tender Opening where less than three bids have been receivedView/Download
SPS-106Director’s approval for opening of financial bids after only 1 bidder is found to be technically qualified.View/Download
SPS-107Technical Evaluation SheetView/Download
SPS-108Format for Financial EvaluationView/Download
SPS-109Request form for Custom Duty Exemption Certificate/Clearing Documents in case of Direct Import Purchase/Free Samples/DonationsView/Download
Adjustment of payments/ Advances/ Reimbursement etc.SPS-110Settlement of AdvanceView/Download
Write-off and DisposalSPS-111Format for Write-off/ Deletion of expired Software/ LicenseView/Download
Clearance/ TransferSPS-112Transfer VoucherView/Download
Import/ ExportSPS-113Form for Re-export of Equipment due to RepairView/Download
E-procurement/ E-publishingSPS-114NIQ Format for e-ProcurementView/Download
SPS-115NEFT Mandate FormView/Download
Forms for VendorsSPS-116Format for Proprietary CertificateView/Download
SPS-117Format for Price DeclarationView/Download