Categories of Admission

1.1   Categories of Admission 

Candidates will be admitted to the PhD programme of the Institute under one of the following categories:

1.1.1     Regular full-time scholars.

Students selected from HTRA list can move to Non-HTRA and revert back to HTRA later or vice-versa depending on the selection criterion adopted by the department during the intake of the candidate.

The regular full time scholars can be of the following categories.     Institute research scholars

Students under this category are entitled for Institute Research Assistantship / Fellowship as per MHRD, GOI norms.     Govt. / Semi Govt. Fellowship Awardees (CSIR, UGC, DAE, DST, DBT, NBHM, etc.)

These candidates are financially supported under various Govt. / Semi Govt. schemes. The admission procedure and other requirements are same as applicable to research scholars/institute fellowship.     Research Fellows under Projects/Schemes

The admission procedure and other requirements for research Fellows (JRFs/SRFs) in various projects/schemes in the institute who wish to enroll for the PhD programme are the same as applicable to Institute Research Scholars. They will be paid assistantship/fellowships as per the norms of the project and sanctioned amount.     Direct PhD programme

Students under this category gets an opportunity to earn a doctorate in Engineering / Sciences / Humanities just after the Bachelor’s degree.

1.1.2     External Registration Programme (ERP)

A research scholar under the External Registration Programme will carry out majorpart or all of his/her research work in the industry/research laboratories employing the scholar.


Research scholars under the External Registration Programme (ERP) should be sponsored by and employed in industries/research laboratories having R & D facilities and recognised by DST or IIT Ropar.

1.1.3     Part time PhD programme

A research scholar under the Part time PhD Programme will carry out majorpart or all of his/her research work at IIT Ropar under the supervision of supervisor(s) at IIT Ropar. The feasibility of doing this with sufficient intensity will be an important consideration in admitting the scholar in this category.

The candidate should be employed in a reputed University/Institution/Organisation.

Leave is not required for attending the courses.

1.1.4     PhD programme for staff of IIT Ropar

Members of non-teaching staff (working in permanent capacity, including technical and non-technical) may be permitted to join the Ph.D. program under this category.

Regulations pertaining to all kinds of PhD programmes will be common, unless stated otherwise.