As present we accepting the external samples.

Instrument name: XEVO G2-XS QTOF







The aim of the facility is to provide mass, MS/MS and HRMS  analysis  for determining  the  elemental composition of the probable structures of various samples  and also, to train our students on mass spectrometry. The facility is equipped with Waters India Ltd. It consists of quadrupole and time of flight mass spectrometry for the scientists who needs to identify, quantify and confirm the broadest range of compounds in the most complex and challenging samples.

Charges required to use of UPLC-G2-XS QTOF Mass Spectrometer

External Sample Analysis Requisition Form

Internal Sample Analysis Requisition Form

Faulty In charge:

Dr. Avijit Goswami
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemistry,
Room No- Room 318 (SS Bhatnagar Block, Chemistry Building, Main campus-IIT Ropar)
Rupnagar- 140001, Punjab, INDIA
Tel +91-1881-242121(Office)
+91-1881-232056(HRMS LAB)
Email:-  agoswami@iitrpr.ac.in
HRMS LAB:-  hrms@iitrpr.ac.in