Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer Facility

Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer :


The aim of the facility is to provide single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis for determining crystal structures of molecular and supramolecular structures of various samples  and also, to train our students on chemical crystallography.
The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art Bruker D8 venture diffractometer system. It consists of four-axis KAPPA goniometer module with an air cooled PHOTON 100 CMOS detector, INCOATEC microfocus X-ray source (Mo Kα), radiation safety enclosure and a video Camera. For variable temperature data collection, an Oxford Cryosystem, COBRAPLUS which can produce nitrogen gas from air and cools it to provide liquid nitrogen required for variable temperature data collection is installed. The entire system is automated and controlled by a computer.

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Faulty In charge :

Dr. Avijit Goswami
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemistry,
Room No- Room 318 (SS Bhatnagar Block, Chemistry Building, Main campus-IIT Ropar)
Rupnagar- 140001, Punjab, INDIA
Tel +91-1881-232056