Dr. L. Vijay Anand

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

vijayanand [AT] iitrpr.ac.in,   lva.ropar [AT] gmail.com

Areas of Research: 
=> Environmental Engineering
=> Contaminant Transport Processes: Experiments and Modeling
=> Eco-friendly Technologies for Contaminant Removal
=> Water and Wastewater Treatment
=> Actinide Geochemistry
=> Emerging Contaminants
=> Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
PhD: Auburn University, USA.
M.S : Auburn University, USA.
B.E : College of Engineering, Anna University, India
Work Experience: 
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Ropar, India.
Selected Publications/Patents: 

1. An Assessment of Subsurface Contamination of an Urban Coastal Aquifer due to Oil Spill. Nambi IM, Rajasekhar B, Loganathan VA, Ravi Krishna R. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2017; 189 (4): 148.

2. An Assessment of U(VI) Removal from Groundwater using Biochar Produced from Hydrothermal Carbonization.  Kumar S, Loganathan VA, Gupta RB, Barnett MO. Journal of Environmental Management, 2011; 92: 2504-2512.

3. Scaling of Adsorption Reactions: U(VI) Experiments and Modeling. Loganathan VA, Barnett MO, Clement TP, Kanel SR. Applied Geochemistry, 2009; 24: 2051-2060.

4. Crop-Residue-Derived Char Influences Sorption, Desorption and Bioavailability of Atrazine in Soils. Loganathan VA, Feng YC, Sheng GD, Clement TP. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 2009; 73: 967-974.

More details of my publications are available at:   Google Scholar      ResearchGate

Other Information: 



1. Understanding and Modeling the Reactive Transport of Uranium Contaminated Groundwater of Malwa Region, Punjab. Early Career Research Award, SERB, DST.

2. Impact of Rainwater Harvesting in India on Groundwater Quality with Specific Reference to Fluoride and Micropollutants. India-UK Water Quality Research Programme. Web: http://rwhimpact-groundwaterquality.com/index.html

3. DST funded iHub – AwaDH. Agriculture & Water Technology Development Hub at IIT Ropar. Domain Coordinator: Water and Soil Quality Assessment. Web: https://awadh.iitrpr.ac.in/r&d-domains/water-and-soil-assessment-processes/





Office Address

 Room # 352, Main Building, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Rupnagar, Punjab 140001, India.

Phone: 01881-242314. E-mail: vijayanand [AT] iitrpr.ac.in, lva.ropar [AT] gmail.com

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