Important Information of 1st year B.Tech students for the AY 2020-21

IIT Ropar currently offers a 4-year B. Tech. programme in Civil Engineering, Chemical Enginnering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Computing and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. In addition, a 5-year BTech-MTech Dual Degree programme in Mechanical Engineering (with intake of 10 student) is also offered. The admission to all these courses is through the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar is also offering B. Tech. (Engineering Physics) with a blend of Physics and Electrical Engineering.
B.Tech. in Engineering Physics jointly offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Physics at IIT Ropar, with its emphasis on learning to solve problems, provides an excellent blend of Electrical Engineering knowledge with deep Physics for graduate study in physics and related fields, It is a great foundation for careers in research, semiconductor industry, finance, and technology management.We offer two tracks to the major, flexible and focus, each leading to a B. Tech. in Engineering Physics.
The Physics focus provides a series of rigorous courses in fundamental physics topics, and its options enable many of our students to complete minors in other disciplines.
Students can take a greater number of specific courses in different departments, including data science, cyber-physical systems, AI/ML, biomedical engineering, robotics, etc.
This UG program is highly suitable for any student planning to pursue graduate school with high tech industry focus, and research beyond IIT Ropar.

Highly motivated students are encouraged to join. The program is designed to offer Electrical Engineering knowledge with deep Physics to all those who are inclined towards semiconductor technology and India's new #Semiconductor_Mission. In addition to the B. Tech. degree, the students would be able to take a concentration program in #Physics or #Electrical Engineering. They would be also able to take minor courses from the Departments other than Physics and Electrical Engineering. The students after completing the program would be trained enough to work in Semiconductor Industry, Finance, other technology based research etc. in India as well abroad.
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