Sponsored Research Projects

                                                                                             INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROPAR
                                                                                           Ongoing Sponsored Research Projects as on 30.09.2017
          (Rs. in Lakhs)
Sr. No. Funding Agency Name of Faculty Member Department Title of Project Total Sanctioned Amount
1 DST Dr. Arvind Kumar Gupta Mathematics Mathematical Modeling of two-channel exclusion processes relevant to real world 10.92
2 DST Dr. Navin Kumar SMMEE To design closed loop automated blood pressure control system 18.82
3 DST Dr. Anshu Dhar Jayal SMMEE Surface Engineering of cutting tools for sustainable dry, near dry and crygenic machining 31.00
4 DST Dr. Prof. P K Raina Physics Calculation of Nuclear Transition Matrix Elements and Measurement of Experimental Half-life for Nuclear Beat Decay" 21.00
5 DST Dr. Ravibabu Mulaveesala Electrical Engineering Matched Filter Approach for Chirp Excited Infrared Imaging for Non-destructive Characterization" 45.30
6 DST Dr. Ramjee Repaka SMMEE Assessment of thermally induced damage of healthy cell volume during radiofrequency ablation of breast malignant tissues 20.60
7 DST Dr. Deepti R Bathula Computer Science & Engieering Neuroimaging: Towards Integrated Analysis of Multi-site Functional MRI Data 19.46
8 DST Dr. S C Martha Mathematics Surface Wave interaction with irregular bottom topography and barriers 13.32
9 DST Dr. Rajesh V Nair Physics Finite-size and disoder-induced modification of spontaneous emission in nanophotonic structures 25.65
10 SERB Dr. T J Dhilip Kumar Chemistry Quantum dynamics of energy transfer processes in atom-molecular ion interaction 23.96
11 DST Ms. Anamika Chhabra Computer Science & Engieering Crowd sourced annotations: A next generation e-textbook technology 18.64
12 DST Dr. Harpreet Singh SMMEE DST (FIST Program) 225.00
13 DST Dr. Mukesh Kumar Physics Studies on the growth kinetics of earth abundant Cu-Zn.......... through photon management 53.80
14 DST Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Mahajan SMMEE Study of the effect of Microstructure of Fatigue Crack Initiation in Nickel under Hydrogen Environment using coupled framework of Crystal Plasticity and Hydrogen Transport Model 29.10
15 DST Dr. Asoka Biswas Physics Spin assisted squeezing and quantum computing in cavity optomechanics 23.47
16 DST Dr. Narinder Singh Chemistry Design and Synthesis of 1,8-Napthalimide-Based Receptors Chemosensor and Biosensor Development 39.20
17 DST-SERB Dr. Partha Sharathi Dutta Mathematics Dispersal Synchrony and Stability in Population Dynamics 15.67
18 DST Dr. G. Sankara Rajukosuru Mathematics On The Existence of Best Proximity Pairs and Generalized Equilibrium for Constrained Games 15.07
19 DST Dr. Pushpendra Pal Singh Physics Understanding the transaction of Nuclear Reactions from Sub-to Above-Barrier Energies 24.56
20 DST-Ramanujan Fellowship Dr Tharamani Chikka Nagaiah Chemistry Ramanujan Fellowship 86.90
21 DST-Inspire Faculty Award Dr Vimal Kumar Chemistry Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (Inspire) 86.21
22 CSIR Dr. T J Dhilip Kumar Chemistry A First-Principales Study of Metal Grafted Calix{n}Arenes as Hydrogen Storage Materia 5.00
23 CSIR Dr. C N Tharamani Chemistry Development of Sustainable Oxygen Depolarized Cathode Material of HCL Electrolysis 4.00
24 CSIR Dr. Rajendra Srivastava Chemistry Synthesis of Mono-Cationic and Multi-Cationic Ionic Liquids and Their Application in Catalysis and Material Synthesis 4.50
25 CSIR Dr. Prabal Banerjee Chemistry Tandem Takeda Olefination, Mukaiyama Aldol, and prins cyclization (TOMAP): Modular Synthesis of Spiroethers 23.46
26 CSIR Dr. Yashveer Singh Chemistry Polymeric Micellric For Sustained and Targeted Delivery of A microbicde (Dapivirine) to Dendritic (DCs) and Langerhans Cells (LCs), The Virus Reservoirs Present in Vaginal Mucosal and Sub-Mucosal Regions to Prevent HIV-1 Infection 19.96
27 DRDO Dr. Navin Kumar SMMEE Hyper Velocity impact induced deformation of the target-projectile system 29.64
28 DRDO Dr. Ravi Babu Electrical Engineering Non-Destructive Testing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) Using Non-Stationary Thermal Technique 21.89
29 DAE Dr. C. M. Nagaraja Chemistry Development of porous metal organic frameworks (MOFS) for H2 storage 28.36
30 DAE Dr. Manju Khan Mathematics Normal Complement in the Unit Group and its Structure 9.90
31 DAE Dr. Mukesh Kumar Physics Growth and characterization of 2-D MoS2 monolayers for high sensitivity gas sensor device 23.37
32 DAE Dr Harpreet Singh SMMEE Development of Thick pure Cu cladding/coating on SS 304/SS316 substrates with cold spray technology 44.00
33 TIDE PI-Dr Nitin Auluck Computer Science & Engieering Expansion of Technology Incubation & Development of Entrepreneurs 155.00
34 CPRI Dr. C C Reddy Electrical Engineering Investigations on new nano-composite materials for electrical insulation 57.50
35 PDIF Dr. Nitin Auluck Computer Science & Engieering PDIF-PTU-Prototype Development & Innovation 220.00
36 DeitY Dr. Rohit Y Sharma Electrical Engineering Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips to System Design 60.38
37 DeitY ( Media Lab Asia) Dr. Rohit Y Sharma Electrical Engineering Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics and IT 246.00
38 DRDO Dr. Harpreet Singh SMMEE Parametric Studies on modulation assisted machining of difficult-to-machine materials and its effect on chip characteristics 24.91
39 DST Dr. Srikant Sekhar Padhee SMMEE Analysis of Non-linear and Non-classical effects in Inhomogeneous Stiffened Panel 21.60
40 DRDO Dr. Navin Kumar SMMEE Finite Element Based modeling and experimental Characterization C-SiC Composite 62.02
41 DRDO Dr. Kailash Chandra Jena Physics Confined interfacial structure and orientation of polyphosphazene polymers at solid and liquid surfaces 23.83
42 INDO-US JOINT CLEAN ENERGY Research and Development Center (JCERDC) Dr. Himanshu Tyagi SMMEE Energy Effcient Technology for Smart Building 146.00
43 DST Dr. Prabir Sarkar SMMEE Study of aesthetics in product design using eye-tracking equipment from a cognitive view 16.27
44 SERB-DST Dr. C.K. Narayanan Computer Science & Engieering “Activity Learning in Smart Environments” 18.53
45 DST Dr. Prabhat K. Agnihotri SMMEE Developed of A Multiscale Numerical Approach to Investigate the Origin of Indentation Size Effect 23.76
46 DST Dr Tharamani Chikka Nagaiah Chemistry Carbon Nanotubes Based Electrochemical Immunosensor for Small Cell Lung Cancer Diagnosis 78.55
47 CSIR Dr. Pushpender Pal Singh Physics Onset and Strength of Massive Transfer Events in Low Energy Heavy ION Reactions 15.80
48 DST (Nano Mission) Dr. Rajendra Srivastva Chemistry Design, Synthsis and application of carbon-metal oxide/zeolite-metal oxide hybrid materials 50.00
49 SERB-DST Dr. Rakesh Das (N-PDF) under the mentorship of Dr. Navin Kumar SMMEE National Post-Doctoral Fellowship 17.00
50 ISRO SPL, VSSC Dr. T.J. Dhilip Kumar Chemistry Chemical Kinetics of Molecular Collision Processes in Martian Atmosphere 21.00
51 SERB Dr. Shilpi Chaoudhary (NPDF) under the mentorship of Dr. Kailash Chand Jena Physics National Post-Doctoral Fellowship 19.20
52 DST Dr. Prabal Banerjee Chemistry Studies of the reactivity of oxaziridine for electrophilic N-transfer and [3+3] cycloaddition with donor-acceptor cyclopropane: Construction of N-containing heterocycles having structural scaffolds of bioactive molecules 58.62
53 DRDO Dr. Narinder Singh Chemistry Design, synthesis and development of chemosensors for explosive materials, ware - fare chemicals and organophosphates 43.72
54 MHRD - UAY Dr. Harpreet Singh SMMEE Development of Cold-Spraying Based Additive Manufacturing Process for Industrial Application 285.17
55 MHRD - UAY Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Mahajan SMMEE Experimentation & Simulations Assisted Enhancement of Energy Efficiency & Pollution Reduction in Hand-tool Industries 46.67
56 DST Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mauurya SMMEE Soot Particle number Emission Characterization and Invwstigation of Load Constraints in Reactivity Controlled Compression lgnition (RCCI) Engines 49.02
57 CSIR Dr. Rajesh V Nair Physics Investigation of light transport and emission in resonant disordered Nanophotonic structures 20.30
58 SERB Dr. Meenakshi Verma (N-PDF) under the mentorship of Dr. Narinder Verma Chemistry National Post-Doctoral Fellowship 19.20
59 SERB Dr. Rajendra Srivastava Chemistry Synthesis and catalytic investigations of mesoporous metal-organic framework 46.53
60 Indian National Science Academy Dr. Rajesh V. Nair Physics "Two-dimensional meta-surfaces to mold the light scattering and emission" 15.00
61 SERB-DST Dr. Ranjan Das SMMEE Design and Development of a Solar Pond and Biomass Driven Thermoelectric Unit for Domestic Power Generation using Inverse Method 44.29
62 TBRL-DRDO Dr. Jitendra Prasad SMMEE Simulation of MPV and Crew Dynamic against the Blast/Shock load of Mine Explosion 17.00
63 SERB-DST Dr. Ravi Mohan Prasad SMMEE Selective Gas Detection and Protection of Sensing Layer in Harsh Environments using Silicon Containing Polymer-Derived Ceramic Filters 42.57
64 DST-SERB Dr. Yashveer Singh Chemistry Acemannan-based nanogels to target microbicides to mucosal and sub-mucosal regions of vagina to prevent HIV-1 infection 42.13
65 DST Ranjan Das SMMEE Design and Development of Solar and Agricultural Waste-Based Building Cooling System 38.24
66 IMPRINT Scheme Dr. Harpreet Singh SMMEE Erosion, Corrosion and Deposition Resistant Coatings for Coal-Fired Boilers 96.00
67 IMPRINT Scheme Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Mahajan (Co-PI) SMMEE Design, development and demonstration of indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5kW capacity 75.47
68 DBT Dr. Narinder Singh Chemistry Surface modulation of CuS quantum dots using biginelli compounds for construction of a portable fluorescence sensor for bacteria 14.20
69 SERB-DST Dr. Swati Tyagi (N-PDF) under the mentorship of Dr. S.C. Martha Mathematics National Post-Doctoral Fellowship 19.20
70 SERB-DST Dr. Sachin Kumar SMMEE Damage Assisted Failure Analysis of Engineering Structures using Cohesive zone Approach and XFEM 15.85
Total 3,328.22