Various Technical Positions in DST iHub - AWaDH for Cyber-Physical Systems

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Last date for application submission Deadline: November 05, 2021.

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last date for application submission to 25th October 2021.

About the Hub:

As a quick introduction, iHub – AWaDH (Agriculture and Water Technology Development Hub) is established by the DST – Government of India at IIT Ropar in the framework of National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM - ICPS) to improve the overall ecosystem of agriculture and water domain in line with the developed countries. The Hub's first sanctioned budget is Rs. 110 crores for five years with timebound pre-defined deliverables. 


Our priority is to deploy cyber-physical system in,

1. Water/industry discharge assessment, treatment, and management,

2. Advancement of land resources and farm preparation,

3. Agriculture automation and precision farming,

4. Harvesting and post-harvesting, and

5. The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the domain of Agriculture and Water. 


The technology advancements achieved at iHub - AWaDH, which include both hardware and software, will be deployed in, (i) Food Processing Industries, (ii) Rural Development, (iii) Fisheries, (iv) Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, (v) Textiles industry for discharge management, (vi) Electronics and IT Industry for the development of IoT devices, (vii) Fertilizer industry for the optimized combinations of nutrients, (viii) Food and Public Distribution, (ix) Atomic Energy, (x) NITI Aayog for implementing different government schemes, (xi) implementation of farming practices in terms of preparation of farmland, pre/post-harvesting, delivery of the agricultural commodities to the consumers, preservation, and storage without affecting the environment. 

 Some of the technologies that are being developed at AWaDH are: 

1. Design and development of IoT enabled nano-bubble technology/oxygen generators for water treatment for remediation of rural domestic and industrial wastewater, 

2. IoT based CPS for the water quality assessment and management, 

3. Technology for the generation and application of crop-residue derived Biochar, 

4. CPS for mapping the naturally occurring and artificially infused radioisotopes in soil and water, and AI-based CPS for optimized fertilizer application, 

5. Design and development of IoT enabled Harvester-cum-Bailer machine for Stubble Management, and Extra-ordinary and diversified applications of stubble for better environment and new livelihoods opportunities, 

6. CPS infrastructure for urban farming, 

7. Automation in agriculture for the precision farming in Rural and Urban settings, and

8. IoT in the Domain of AgriTech Livestock Monitoring in the food processing industry.  


At AWaDH, we believe that your presence with us will certainly advance our initiative. Visit Website



  • Certificate course AI & Cyber Physical Systems for Agriculture Automation.