PhD Programme

The institute, apart from establishing a robust teaching environment, is keen to facilitate and support cuttingedge research in a variety of areas. This aspect will enable the students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in their respective areas of study and to pursue their own research interests. The institute offers PhD programme in a wide range of areas in Science, Engineering & Humanities and Social Sciences. The broad objective of the PhD programme is not only to keep pace with the expanding frontiers of knowledge but also to provide research training relevant to the present social and economic objectives of the country. 

The academic programme leading to PhD degree is broad based and involves a minimum course credit requirement, comprehensive examination, synopsis seminar and thesis submission. The institute also encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision and interdepartmental  group activities. The presence of highly motivated research oriented faculty members provides excellent opportunities for such programmes. The institute undertakes sponsored research and development projects from industrial and other organizations in public as well as private sector.

Facilities for research work leading to a PhD degree are presently available in the following departments.

1. Department of Biomedical Engineering

2. Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

3. Department of Chemical Engineering

4. Department of Chemistry

5. Department of Civil Engineering

6. Department of Computer Science & Engineering

7. Department of Electrical Engineering

8. Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

9. Department of Mathematics

10. Department of Mechanical Engineering

11. Department of Physics 

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