Devranjan Samanta

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Assistant Professor


Mechanical Engineering


Areas of Research: 

Transition to turbulence, Non- Newtonian flows, Biological flows, heat transfer


PhD in Max Planck Institute for dynamics and self Organisation, Goettingen, Germany 2012

MS in JNCASR, Bengaluru, India 2008

B.E. in Jadavpur University , Kolkata India 2006

Work Experience: 

Oct 2014-sep 2016 : University of Minnesota Chemical Engineering Department, USA

Oct 2012-Sep 2014 : Okinawa Institute of Science and technology, Fluid dynamics unit, Japan

Selected Publications/Patents: 

1. P. Dhar, S. Mishra and D. Samanta "Onset of rebound suppression in non-Newtonian drops post impact on superhydrophobic surface ", Phys. Rev. Fluids

2. N. Sahoo, G. Khurana, A R Harikrishnan, D. Samanta, and P. Dhar "Interplay of substrate inclina- tion and wettability on droplet impact dynamics ", European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids Volume 79, January-February 2020, Pages 27-37

3. S. Guo, D. Samanta, Y.Peng, X. Xu and X. Cheng, "Symmetric shear banding and swarming vortices in bacterial superfluids", Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, June 25, 2018

4. D. Samanta, F. Ingremeau, R. Cerbus, T. Tuan, P. Chakraborty, W.I. Goldburg and H. Kellay, "The scaling of near wall flows in quasi two dimensional turbulent channels", Physical Review Letters ,113, July, 2014.

5. D. Samanta, Y. Dubief, M. Holzner, C. Schaefer , A. Morozov , C. Wagner and B. Hof, "Elasto-inertial turbulence", Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, June 11, 2013.

6.Shreyas JV , D. Samanta and K.R. Sreenivas, "Aerodynamics of Bird and Insect Flight", Journal of the Indian Institute of Science , 91:3, July-Sept. 2012

7. D. Samanta, J.V. Shreyas and K.R. Sreenivas, "Study of flapping flight using discrete vortex method based simulations ", International Journal of Modern Physics C , 24, 2012

8. D. Samanta, A. Lozar and B. Hof \Experimental investigations of laminar turbulent pattern intermittency in pipe ow ", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 681, 193-204, 2011.