Library, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar  

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान रोपड़


Institute/Library Smart Identity Card

Library, IIT Ropar is responsible for printing RFID based Institute cum Library Smart Identity card for Students, Research Scholars, Faculty and Staff Members of IIT Ropar Community. The entire new enrollment to the Institute has to register through Library OPAC for getting an ID Card. New users need to upload the soft copy of passport size photo while filling the registration form. The soft copy of the card will be shared through email and the card will be printed and delivered after receiving email confirmation.

This smart card serves dual purpose, it is going to be your Institute Identity Card as well as a Library Smart Identity Card.

The Institute cum Library Smart Identity Card is embedded with a RFID chip that contains patrons’ information as well as library account details. Using this smart card, users can carry out self-service such as issue, return, renew of books on the Kiosk.

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