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Publications Digest: August, 2021 

Sr. No. Publication

3D Polarized Field-Forming for Mitigation of Angular Misalignment Problem in Microwave Power Transfer Systems
by VK Srivastava, S Kumar, A Sharma - IEEE 19th International Symposium on Antenna Technology and Applied Electromagnetics, 2021

A constant-factor approximation algorithm for red-blue set cover with unit disks
by RR Madireddy, A Mudgal - International Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms: Approximation and Online Algorithms, Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series, 2021

A Fairness Conscious Cache Replacement Policy for Last Level Cache
by KK Dutta, PN Tanksale, S Das - Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition , 2021

A Novel Fault Tolerant Smart System for BLDC motor based Electric Vehicles
by AK Mohapatra, AVR Teja - IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology, 2021

A policy based framework for quality of service management in software defined networks
by P Kamboj, S Pal - Telecommunication Systems, 2021

A Systematic Review of Real-time Fine-needle Aspiration Biopsy Methods for Soft Tissues
by R Nadda, AK Sahani, R Repaka - IETE Technical Review, 2021

A Task-Based Dimensional Synthesis of an Upper-Limb Exoskeleton: A Hybrid Configuration
by S Gupta, S Gupta, A Agrawal, E Singla - Machines, Mechanism and Robotics: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2022

Ab initio characterization of N doped T-graphene and its application as an anode material for Na ion rechargeable batteries
by N Yadav, TJD Kumar - Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2021

An Estimate of Heat Generation, Electric, and Magnetic Parameters from Temperature Fields in Porous Fins for Electronic Cooling Systems
by R Das, B Kundu - IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 2021

An IGA based nonlocal gradient-enhanced damage model for failure analysis of cortical bone
by A Soni, A Negi, S Kumar, N Kumar - Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2021

Analysis of Snow Dynamics in Beas River Basin, Western Himalaya Using Combined Terra–Aqua MODIS Improved Snow Product and in Situ Data During Twenty-First Century
by DK Singh, HS Gusain, SK Dewali, RK Tiwari … - Water, Cryosphere, and Climate Change in the Himalayas: Part of the Geography of the Physical Environment book series, 2021

Analytical Modeling of Machining Forces and Friction Characteristics in Ultrasonic Assisted Turning Process
by J Airao, CK Nirala - Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2021

Anatomical variation in intracortical canal network microarchitecture and its influence on bone fracture risk
by P Uniyal, P Sihota, K Tikoo, N Kumar - Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2021

Anomalous elasticity and plastic screening in amorphous solids
by A Lemaître, C Mondal, M Moshe, I Procaccia, S Roy… - Physical Review E, 2021

Between Maternity and Autonomy: Radical Mothering in Mona Simpson's Anywhere but Here
by S Krishna, S Chatterjee - Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 2021

CO2 Laser Cutting of Thin Glass Sheet Under Different Ambient Conditions
by S Prakash, CK Nirala - Lasers in Engineering, 2021

Compensated non‐linear root water uptake model and identification of soil hydraulic and root water uptake parameters
by I Sonkar, S Sudesan, HP Suryanarayana Rao Kotnoor - Irrigation and Drainage, 2021

Controlling Spread of COVID-19 Using VANETs
by V Sethi, S Pal - IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2021

Copper-MWCNT Composite: A Solution to Breakdown in Copper Interconnects
by B Kumari, S Pandranki, M Sahoo, R Sharma - IEEE 21st International Conference on Nanotechnology (NANO), 2021

Cubic Lattice Structures of Ti6Al4V under Compressive Loading: Towards Assessing the Performance for Hard Tissue Implants Alternative
by S Dhiman, M Singh, SS Sidhu, M Bahraminasab… - Materials, 2021

Cumulative signaling through NOD-2 and TLR-4 eliminates the Mycobacterium tuberculosis concealed inside the mesenchymal stem cells
by M Aqdas, S Singh, M Amir, SK Maurya, S Pahari,JN Agrewala - Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 2021

Customer-Centered Antecedents of a Value Co-Creation Ecosystem: Integrating Psychological, Social, and Cultural Processes
by S Saxena, Amritesh - Emerging Ecosystem-Centric Business Models for Sustainable Value Creation, 2022

Design and Fabrication of a Bio-inspired Soft Robotic Gripper
by A Agarwal, A Baranwal, G Stephen Sugun, PK Agnihotri - Machines, Mechanism and Robotics: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2022

Dynamics of Thermoacoustic Oscillations in a Multi-Nozzle Combustor
by Y Nanda, A Saurabh, L Kabiraj, R Villalva Gomez… - AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum, 2021

Effect of Nonlinear Conduction on Needle Tip-Plane Breakdown Fields under DC Conditions
by AJ Thomas, CC Reddy - IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2021

Effect of Serum Starvation on Rheology of Cell Monolayers
by A Kiran, C Shekhar, M Sabapathy, M Mishra, L Kumar, N Kumar, V Mehandia - Physics of Fluids, 2021

Elasto-hydrodynamics of non-Newtonian droplet collision with convex substrates
by SR Mishra, D Samanta, P Dhar - Physics of Fluids, 2021

Energy resolution of Compton electrons in LaCl3: Ce using compact digitizer
by SS Kaintura, V Ranga, S Panwar, P Sehgal… - Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2021

Enhanced B(E3) strength observed in 137La
by MSR Laskar, R Palit, E Ideguchi… D Choudhury… - Physical Review C, 2011

Enhancement of Beam Width and Side Lobe Level Reduction Using PEC Ground Plane in Antenna Array
by S Bhattacharjee, B Kumbhani - Wireless Personal Communications, 2021

Exclusion process on two intersecting lanes with constrained resources: Symmetry breaking and shock dynamics
by A Jindal and AK Gupta – Physical Review E, 2021

Exploiting secrets by leveraging dynamic cache partitioning of last level cache
by A Agarwal, J Kaur, S Das - Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition, 2021

Fair Sampling with a Highly Parallel Laser Simulator
by V Pal, S Mahler, AA Friesem, N Davidson - Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest, 2021

Foamy slag practice to enhance the energy efficiency of electric arc furnace: An industrial scale validation
by A Agnihotri, PK Singh, D Singh, M Gupta - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021

Heat transfer and friction factor correlations for an impinging air jets solar thermal collector with arc ribs on an absorber plate
by R Kumar, R Nadda, S Kumar, K Kumar, A Afzal… - Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 2021

High-temperature superconductor of sodalite-like clathrate hafnium hexahydride
by P Tsuppayakorn-Aek, N Phaisangittisakul, R Ahuja… - Scientific Reports, 2021

Homogenization of a boundary optimal control problem governed by Stokes equations
by BC Sardar, A Sufian - Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 2021

Hybrid nanoparticles-laden fluid based spiral solar collector: A proof-of-concept experimental study
by VV Kulkarni, V Bhalla, K Garg, H Tyagi - Renewable Energy, 2021

Influence of Lewis and Brønsted Acidic Sites on Graphitic Carbon Nitride Catalyst for Aqueous Phase Conversion of Biomass Derived Monosaccharides to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural
by T Chhabra, S Dhingra, CM Nagaraja, V Krishnan - Carbon, 2021

Infrared Image Correlation for Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation of Materials
by V Arora, R Mulaveesala, A Rani, S Kumar, V Kher, P Mishra, J Kaur - Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation, 2021

Interference-aware Antenna Synthesis for Enhanced Coverage in Intelligent Transportation System
by A Sharma, A Prajapati, PT Pinho - IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2021

Magneto-Elastic Effect in Non-Newtonian Ferrofluid Droplets Impacting Superhydrophobic Surfaces
by GVVS Vara Prasad, P Dhar, D Samanta - Langmuir, 2021

Microstructure and continuous phase transition of a regular Hayward black hole in anti-de Sitter spacetime
by AN Kumara, CLA Rizwan, K Hegde, MS Ali, KM Ajith - Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2021

Mobility Analysis of Coupled System of Upper Limb Exoskeleton and Human Arm
by M Vidyaaranya, S Gupta, E Singla - Advances in Industrial Machines and Mechanisms - Select Proceedings of IPROMM 2020: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2021

Modified Damage Equalization Method for Lifetime Estimation of Dielectrics
by BS Thind, GN Reddy, AJ Thomas, CC Reddy - IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2021

Molecular level investigations on mussel inspired polymer thin films using nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy
by S Chaudhary, H Kaur, KC Jena - AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021

Motion estimation in hazy videos
by S Chaudhary, A Dudhane, PW Patil, S Murala… - Pattern Recognition Letters, 2021

Nondestructive identification of barley seeds variety using near‐infrared hyperspectral imaging coupled with convolutional neural network
by T Singh, NM Garg, SRS Iyengar - Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2021

Optimal dispersion on an anonymous ring in the presence of weak Byzantine robots
by AR Molla, K Mondal, WK Moses Jr - Theoretical Computer Science, 2021

Parameterization of Pilot Point Methodology for Supplementing Sparse Transmissivity Data
by A Kapoor, D Kashyap - Water, 2021

Pebble guided near optimal treasure hunt in anonymous graphs
by B Gorain, K Mondal, H Nayak, S Pandit - International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity, Structural Information and Communication Complexity: Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series, 2021

Performance Analysis of Self Heated Multilayer Vertical Graphene Nanoribbon Interconnects
by B Kumari, R Kumar, M Sahoo, R Sharma - IEEE 71st Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 2021

Persistence of spontaneous symmetry breaking in bidirectional transport system with reservoir crowding
by B Pal, AK Gupta - Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2021

PerSummRe: Gaze-Based Personalized Summary Recommendation Tool for Wikipedia
by N Dubey, AA Verma, S Setia, SRS Iyengar - Journal of Cases on Information Technology, 2022

Photoinduced Diverse Reactivity of Diazo Compounds with Nitrosoarenes
by S Roy, G Kumar, I Chatterjee - Organic Letters, 2021

Prediction of Melt-Pool Characteristics in SLM Process for Ti6Al4V Using a Semi-Analytical Model
by SK Nandi, R Kumar, A Agrawal - ASME 16th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, 2021

Probing the Bovine Hemoglobin Adsorption Process and its Influence on Interfacial Water Structure at the Air–Water Interface
by S Chaudhary, H Kaur, H Kaur, B Rana, D Tomar, KC Jena - Applied Spectroscopy, 2021

Reaction induced interfacial instability of miscible fluids in a channel
by SN Maharana, M Mishra - Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2021

Regional integration and environmental sustainability during the COVID‐19 pandemic: Evidence from South Asia
by P Jain, B Rakshit, B Raina, S Bardhan - International Social Science Journal

Role of density gradients on miscible Rayleigh–Taylor fingers in porous media
by S Pramanik, M Mishra - AIP Advances, 2021

Role of Space-Borne Remote Sensing Technology for Monitoring of Urban and Environmental Hazards
by A Tripathi, RK Tiwari - Recent Technologies for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction: Part of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Library book series, 2021

Rose-like Bi2WO6 Nanostructure for Visible-Light-Assisted Oxidation of Lignocellulose-Derived 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Vanillyl Alcohol
by A Kumar, R Srivastava - ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2021

Simultaneous estimation of heat generation and magnetic field in a radial porous fin from surface temperature information
by R Das, B Kundu - International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 2021

Structural predictions of superconducting phase in tungsten ditellurides WTe2 from first-principles evolutionary techniques under high pressure
by P Tsuppayakorn-aek, A Ektarawong, P Jimlim, N Kanchanavateeab, R Ahuja… - Computational Materials Science, 2021

Study of Formability Limit Based on Ductile Damage Criteria of Incremental Sheet Forming of Titanium Grade 2 Sheet
by M Pal, V Pandya, A Agrawal - ASME 16th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, 2021

Substrate concavity influenced evaporation mechanisms of sessile droplets
by A Paul, G Khurana, P Dhar - Physics of Fluids, 2021

Surface finishing requirements on various internal cylindrical components: A review
by TS Bedi, AS Rana - Journal of Micromanufacturing, 2021

Swap-based Load Balancing for Fairness in Radio Access Networks
by S Saibharath, S Mishra, C Hota - IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 2021

Synthesis of Thio‐/Selenopyrrolines via SnCl4‐Catalyzed (3+ 2)‐Cycloadditions of Donor‐Acceptor Cyclopropanes with Thio‐/Selenocyanates
by PR Singh, P Kalaramna, S Ali, A Goswami - European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Task Space Reconstruction in Modular Reconfigurable Manipulation System
by AT Reji, A Dogra, SS Jha, E Singla - Advances in Industrial Machines and Mechanisms: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2021

The normal complement problem in group algebras
by H Setia, M Khan - Communications in Algebra, 2021

Tool Wear Analysis during Ultrasonic Assisted Turning of Nimonic-90 under Dry and Wet Conditions
by J Airao, CK Nirala, LNL Lacalle, N Khanna - Metals, 2021

What Drives Energy Consumption in BRICS Countries? Evidence from ARDL Bounds Testing Approach
by SR Behera, T Mishra, DP Dash, L Mallick - The Singapore Economic Review, 2021