Ongoing Research at Ropar Mechanics of Materials Laboratory, IIT Ropar


RMML is focused on developing new polymeric and metallic materials based on conventional as well as small-scale experiments.  The experiments involved are always supported by multiscale simulation techniques such as molecular dynamics, crystal plasticity finite element method (CPFEM) and DFT calculations to develop a fundamental understanding of their bulk/microscopic behavior. Current PhD students in the group are working on following research problems:

Rajwinder Singh: Short fatigue crack behavior of metals; Rakesh Kumar: Higher-order gradient CPFEM coupled with hydrogen transport model; Tushita Rohilla: Polyimide based polyelectrolyte membrane for PEM fuel cell; Harupjit Singh: Development of Biodegradable Polymeric Stents; Aman Arora: Role of grain boundaries on hydrogen transport in metals.


The group is also working of following funded projects as part of a collaborative effort with other faculty members of the institute:

1. IMPRINT Scheme Funded: Development of an indigenous Type IV tank for gaseous hydrogen storage at 700 bar.  

2. UAY Funded: Development of an effluent treatment plant for hand tool industry. 

Contact details:

Dr. Dhiraj K. Mahajan (, Tel: 01881-242244