Union of science, engineering and biology at the micro-nano scales


The modern era is an era of smart materials and systems. Uniting micro and nanotechnology with the realms of engineering and biomedicine is at the helm of the modern age. Such advanced systems are leading to new age devices, energy, water management, healthcare and disease detection and therapy. The aim of our group is to understand the physics of such micro-nanoscale systems for engineering and medical innovations. We employ various advanced nanoscale systems like graphene, carbon nanotubes, noble metal nanoparticles, etc. in our research. Some of our works involve engineered superhydrophobicity, nanocolloids for cooling, insulating and actuating modern energy devices, advanced electro, opto and magneto responsive fluids, usage of nanocolloids in cancer detection and destruction, microfluidic devices to detect pathogens in body fluids, etc. 

Contact details:

Dr. Purbarun Dhar

Department of Mechanical Engineering