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  1. 6-bit 1-gs/s partially active flash adc with comparator offset correction
    by N Sharma, V Hande, RK Srivastava, DM Das - IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems, 2022
  2. A case study on periodic spatio- temporal hotspot detection in azure traffic data
    by VMV Gunturi, R Rajeev, V Bondre, A Barnwal, S Jain… - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops, 2022
  3. A holographic study of the characteristics of chaos and correlation in the presence of backreaction
    by S Chakrabortty, S Hoshino, S Pant, K Sil - Physics Letters B, 2023
  4. A novel diagnosis method for inter-turn short-circuits in srms by tracking post turn-off phase currents under current chopping control
    by M Alam, N Gugulothu, S Payami - IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2023
  5. A residential-community-level load management scheme under semi-regulated distribution environment
    by S Dash, R Sodhi, B Sodhi - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies: IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, 2023
  6. A small molecule potent IRAK4 inhibitor abrogates lipopolysaccharide-induced macrophage inflammation in-vitro and in-vivo
    by SA Choudhary, D Patra, A Sinha, S Mazumder, R Pant…D Pal - European Journal of Pharmacology, 2023
  7. Adsorption of hexavalent chromium by magnetite particles synthesized at various temperatures: effect of magnetic properties of the particles on individual adsorption mechanisms
    by S Ganguly, S Ganguly – EGU General Assembly, 2023
  8. An empirical investigation of the effects of poverty and urbanization on environmental degradation: the case of sub-Saharan Africa
    by B Rakshit, P Jain, R Sharma, S Bardhan - Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023
  9. Anti-cancer drug molecules targeting cancer cell cycle and proliferation
    by D Patra, K Bhavya, P Ramprasad, M Kalia, D Pal - Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology, 2023
  10. AV-GAZE: A study on the effectiveness of audio guided visual attention estimation for non-profilic faces
    by S Ghosh, A Dhall, M Hayat, J Knibbe - Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2022
  11. Comparison of single catheter versus dual catheter-based EBT3 film calibration for the Ir-192 beam energy
    by G Trivedi, PP Singh, A Oinam - Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 2023
  12. Computational aspects of double dominating sequences in graphs
    by G Sharma, A Pandey - Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics: Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Book Series 2023
  13. Demonstrating deep learning driven bpsk demodulation using software-defined radios
    by A Ahmad, S Agarwal - 15th International Conference on Communication Systems & Networks, 2023
  14. Design flood estimation based on equivalent geomorphological instantaneous unit hydrograph for a himalayan catchment
    by S Rana, SR Chavan – EGU General Assembly, 2023
  15. Diagnosis of inter-turn short-circuits in srms by high frequency switching of phases amid low torque unaligned rotor positions
    by M Alam, S Payami - IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2023
  16. Digital disruption in the indian healthcare system
    by S Roy - Practical Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Medical Things: A book chapter, 2023
  17. Do religious freedom vis-a-vis trade openness affect economic growth? a cross-country empirical investigation
    by SR Behera, T Mishra, DP Dash - Theoretical Economics Letters, 2023
  18. Does bank competition affect the transmission mechanism of monetary policy through bank lending channel? Evidence from India
    by B Rakshit, S Bardhan - Journal of Asian Economics, 2023
  19. Dynamics of the panchi nala glacier, western himalaya: trends and controlling factors.
    by M Prajapati, PK Garg, A Shukla, S Guha – EGU General Assembly, 2023
  20. Effect of cavity aspect ratio on mixed convective heat transfer phenomenon inside a lid-driven cavity due to elastic turbulence
    by S Gupta, C Sasmal - Physics of Fluids, 2023
  21. Effect of degumming duration on the behavior of waste filature silk-reinforced wheat gluten composite for sustainable applications
    by P Bhowmik, R Kant, H Singh - ACS Omega, 2023
  22. Efficient co2 utilization and sustainable energy conversion via aqueous zn-co2 batteries
    by S Kaur, M Kumar, D Gupta, PP Mohanty, T Das, S Chakraborty, R Ahuja, TC Nagaiah - Nano Energy, 2023
  23. Evaluation of damping effect influenced by system parameters on a dfig integrated power system
    by B Sahu, BP Padhy - IEEE Systems Journal, 2023
  24. Experimental investigation of wc-12co cold sprayed: substrate hardness, bonding mechanism, powder type
    by H Singh - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2023
  25. Experimental investigation on the effect of in-cylinder heat release features on particle emissions characteristics of CNG–diesel RCCI engine
    by MR Saxena, S Rana, RK Maurya - International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2023
  26. Exploring indeno[2,1-c]fluorene antiaromatics with unsymmetrical disubstitution and balanced ambipolar charge-transport properties
    by H Sharma, A Ankita, P Bhardwaj, UK Pandey, S Das – Organic Materials, 2023
  27. Functional connectivity signatures of major depressive disorder: machine learning analysis of two multicenter neuroimaging studies
    by S Gallo, A El-Gazzar, P Zhutovsky, RM Thomas…D Bathula… - Molecular Psychiatry, 2023
  28. Hydrogen-assisted intergranular fatigue crack initiation in metals: Role of grain boundaries and triple junctions
    by R Kumar, A Arora, DK Mahajan - International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2023
  29. Hygrothermally stable stacking sequence for tailoring of extension–twist coupling in composite structures
    by NK Shakya, SS Padhee - Composite Structures, 2023
  30. Image, insoluble: filming the cosmic in the colour out of space
    by S Basu, D Ray - The Medial Afterlives of HP Lovecraft: A Book Chapter, 2023
  31. Janus Ga2SeTe and In2SeTe nanosheets: excellent photocatalysts for hydrogen production under neutral pH
    by I Bouziani, I Essaoudi, A Ainane, R Ahuja - International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2023
  32. Linking changes in gangotri glacier features derived at a large-scale with climate variability
    by KV Mitkari, S Sofat, MK Arora, RK Tiwari – EGU General Assembly, 2023
  33. Medical vqa: mixup helps keeping it simple
    by J Singh, D Mahapatra, DR Bathula - International Conference on Image and Vision Computing: A Book Chapter, 2023
  34. Modelling of hydrogen-assisted damage at the deforming single crystal crack-tip
    by R Kumar, DK Mahajan - Mechanics of Materials, 2023
  35. Non-equilibrium processes in an unconserved network model with limited resources
    by A Gupta, AK Gupta - The European Physical Journal Plus, 2023
  36. Numerical and optimization-based study on split hemispherical shaped fins for augmenting heat transfer rate
    by A Ranjan, R Das, SS Gajghate, D Barik, H Majumder… - International Journal of Energy Research, 2023
  37. Optimization of a salt gradient solar pond for air heating application
    by S Verma, R Das - Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2023
  38. Out-of-plane biphilic surface structuring for enhanced capillary-driven dropwise condensation
    by L Stendardo, A Milionis, G Kokkoris, C Stamatopoulos, CS Sharma, R Kumar, M Donati, D Poulikakos - Langmuir, 2023
  39. Performance analysis of a waste heat exchanger with thick separating wall working as a storage medium for continuous operation
    by S Verma, C Aggarwal, R Das - Journal of Energy Storage, 2023
  40. Performance assessment of solar and desiccant aided building air-conditioning system
    by G Singh, R Das - Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2023
  41. Phenomenology and kinetics of sessile droplet evaporation on convex contours
    by A Paul, RK Dash, P Dhar - International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2023
  42. Pt nanoparticles on vertically aligned large-area mos2 flakes for selective h2 sensing at room temperature
    by R Wadhwa, A Kumar, R Sarkar, PP Mohanty, D Kumar…R Ahuja…M Kumar - ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2023
  43. Pv-aware replacement policy for two-level shared cache
    by B Agarwalla, N Sahu, S Das - IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems, 2022
  44. Rapid and highly productive assembly of a disulfide bond in solid-phase peptide macrocyclization
    by A Chowdhury, V Gour, BK Das, S Chatterjee, A Bandyopadhyay - Organic Letters, 2023
  45. Real-time data acquisition and discharge pulse analysis in controlled RC circuit based Micro-EDM
    by S Raza, R Nadda, CK Nirala - Microsystem Technologies, 2023
  46. Reductive oligomerization of nitroaniline catalyzed by Fe3O4 spheres decorated with group 11 metal manoparticles
    by CA Huerta-Aguilar, R Srivastava, JA Arenas-Alatorre… - ACS Omega, 2023
  47. Rising temperature drives tipping points in mutualistic networks
    by S Bhandary, S Deb, PS Dutta - Royal Society Open Science, 2023
  48. Role of linker molecules on morphology of tripodal ligands based functionalized ZnO nanoparticles and its effect on photocatalysis
    by J Mishra, G Singh, N Kaur, AK Ganguli - Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 2023
  49. Salivary protein kinase C alpha and novel microRNAs as diagnostic and therapeutic resistance markers for oral squamous cell carcinoma in Indian cohorts
    by S Saproo, SS Sarkar, V Gautam, CW Konyak, G Dass, A Karmakar, M Sharma…S Naidu - Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 2023
  50. Selective catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of vanillin to 2-Methoxy-4-methyl phenol and 4-Methyl cyclohexanol over Pd/CuFe2O4 and PdNi/CuFe2O4 catalysts
    by GS More, DR Kanchan, A Banerjee, R Srivastava - Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023
  51. Strong entanglement criteria for mixed states, based on uncertainty relations
    by Manju, A Biswas, S Dasgupta - Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2023
  52. Superconducting state of the van der Waals layered PdH2 structure at high pressure
    by P Tsuppayakorn-aek, A Majumdar, R Ahuja, T Bovornratanaraks, W Luo - International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2023
  53. Unified transformer network for multi-weather image restoration
    by A Kulkarni, SS Phutke, S Murala - European Conference on Computer Vision: Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Book Series, 2023

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