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  1. A brute force methodology for automated data extraction and analysis for Finite Element Analysis
    by V Kumar, Balendra, A Sahani - IEEE Delhi Section Conference, 2022
  2. A compact SWB MIMO antenna with 45° clock-wise square patch inclusions for polarization diversity applications
    by S Agarwal, A Sharma, IJG Zuazola, M Kumar - International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, 2022
  3. A Hermeneutical Revisit to ‘Biographic Metafiction’ through A.S. Byatt’s Possession: A Romance
    by A Shekher, A Louis - Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 2022
  4. A Highly Efficient Compact High Gain RFID Tag Antenna for Millimeter Wave Applications
    by S Jain, M Kumar, A Sharma - IEEE Indian Conference on Antennas and Propagation, 2021
  5. A Novel Analytical Approach for Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Bone Implants Using Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging
    by A Sharma, G Dua, V Arora, N Kumar, R Mulaveesala - Advances in Non Destructive Evaluation: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2022
  6. A Novel Control-Independent Online Fault Diagnosis of Inter-turn Short Circuits in SRMs using Signal Injection Technique
    by M Alam, S Payami - IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2022
  7. A Preliminary Study of Butterfly Diversity in Hilly Terrains of Ghatsila, Jharkhand, India
    by D Patra, S Roy, S Chowdhury, A Hossain, PK Shit... - Proceedings of the Zoological Society, 2022
  8. A review on spatial, temporal and magnitude prediction of landslide hazard
    by A Tyagi, RK Tiwari, N James - Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X, 2022
  9. A Rindler road to Carrollian worldsheets
    by A Bagchi, A Banerjee, S Chakrabortty, R Chatterjee - Journal of High Energy Physics, 2022
  10. An IoT-Based Intelligent Irrigation Management System
    by M Sahi, N Auluck - Edge Analytics, 2022
  11. Application of Frequency Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging for Bone Diagnostics
    by A Sharma, A Rani, R Mulaveesala - Advances in Non Destructive Evaluation: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2022
  12. Atomic scale characterization of carbon partitioning and transition carbide precipitation in a medium carbon steel during quenching and partitioning process
    by S Ghosh, K Rakha, S Reza, M Somani, J Kömi - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2022
  13. Barker-Coded Thermal Wave Imaging for Testing and Evaluation of Mild Steel
    by A Rani, A Sharma, R Mulaveesala - Advances in Non Destructive Evaluation: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2022
  14. Bifurcation in flows of wormlike micellar solutions past three vertically aligned microcylinders in a channel
    by MB Khan, C Sasmal - Physics of Fluids, 2022
  15. Combined electromechanically driven pulsating flow of nonlinear viscoelastic fluids in narrow confinements
    by V Kumar, J Mukherjee, SK Sinha, U Ghosh - Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2022
  16. Combustion Instability Analysis of Dual-Fuel Stationary Compression Ignition Engine Using Statistical Method and Wavelet Transform
    by MR Saxena, RK Maurya – SAE Technical Papers, 2022
  17. Corrosion behavior of plain carbon steels under different heat treatment conditions in freely aerated 3.5% NaCl solution
    by PK Katiyar, R Maurya, PK Singh – Interanational Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development, 2022
  18. Cost and Efficiency Analysis of Steganography in the IEEE 802.11ah IoT Protocol
    by AA Almohammedi1, V Shepelev, S Darshi, M Balfaqih, F Ghawbar - Computers, Materials and Continua, 2022
  19. Daily-Life Candidates as Flexible SERS Substrates for Pesticide Detection: a Comparative Study
    by Shinki, S Sarkar - Plasmonics, 2022
  20. Design and Simulation of Vertical Bi-Directional Fringe Field Tuning of New Improved MEMS Accelerometer Using SOI Technology for Stress Compensation
    by MK Dounkal, RK Bhan, N Kumar - Silicon, 2022
  21. Does Bank Efficiency Enhance Bank Performance? Empirical Evidence from Indian Banking
    by B Rakshit, S Bardhan - Buletin Ekonomi Moneter Dan Perbankan, 2022
  22. Effect of linewidth enhancement factor on the generation of optical vortices in a class-A degenerate cavity semiconductor laser
    by Y Bouchereau, S Karuseichyk, R Guitter, V Pal... - Optics Express, 2022
  23. Effects of type 2 diabetes on the viscoelastic behavior of human trabecular bone
    by RN Yadav, P Sihota, D Neradi, JC Bose, V Dhiman...N Kumar - Medical Engineering & Physics, 2022
  24. Electricity mediated [3+2]-cycloaddition of N-sulfonylcyclopropanes with olefins via N-centered radical intermediates: access to cyclopentane analogs
    by D Saha, IM Taily, N Banerjee, P Banerjee - Chemical Communications, 2022
  25. Emotion Regulation Difficulties and Health-Risk Behaviours in Adolescents
    by P Singh, A Singh - Behaviour Change, 2022
  26. Engineering strong magnetic dipole resonance in all- dielectric metasurfaces
    by M Khokhar, RV Nair - Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics, 2022
  27. Epileptic Seizure Stage Classification from EEG Signal Using ResNet18 Model and Data Augmentation
    by VK Dubey, S Sarkar, R Shukla, G Singh, A Sahani - IEEE Delhi Section Conference, 2022
  28. Exploration of a Psychological Defensive Syndrome Against Depressive Symptomatology in a Community Sample of Indian Women
    by P Singh, N Mishra - Psychological Reports, 2022
  29. Fault-Tolerant and Self-Reliant Characteristic in Series Resonant Converter for Semiconductor Open/Short Circuit Faults
    by PS Bhakar, J Kalaiselvi - IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, 2022
  30. Hellinger–Reissner principle based stress–displacement formulation for three-dimensional isogeometric analysis in linear elasticity
    by DS Bombarde, M Agrawal, SS Gautam… - Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2022
  31. Hybrid turning process by interacting ultrasonic vibration and laser energies
    by N Deswal, R Kant - Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 2022
  32. Identifying critical transitions in complex diseases
    by S Deb, S Bhandary, SK Sinha, MK Jolly, PS Dutta - Journal of Biosciences, 2022
  33. Interaction of surface water waves with a finite dock over two-stepped bottom profile
    by A Choudhary, N Kumar, SC Martha - Marine Systems & Ocean Technology, 2022
  34. Interface and Interphase in Carbon Nanotube-Based Polymer Composites: A Review
    by HS Bedi, PK Agnihotri - Handbook of Epoxy/Fiber Composites, 2022
  35. Inverse tempered stable subordinators and related processes with Mellin transform
    by N Gupta, A Kumar - Statistics & Probability Letters, 2022
  36. Iron and Copper based bifunctional catalysts for base & solvent free CN coupling of amines and aryl/benzyl chlorides under aerobic conditions
    by C Sharma, AK Srivastava, D Sharma, RK Joshi - New Journal of Chemistry, 2022
  37. Is Indonesia’s Current Account Balance Optimal? Evidence from an Intertemporal Approach
    by B Garg, KP Prabheesh - Buletin Ekonomi Moneter Dan Perbankan, 2022
  38. Machinability analysis of Titanium 64 using ultrasonic vibration and vegetable oil
    by J Airao, CK Nirala - Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 2022
  39. Machinability of Ti-6Al-4V and Nimonic-90 in ultrasonic-assisted turning under sustainable cutting fluid
    by J Airao, CK Nirala - Materials Today: Proceedings, 2022
  40. Music Identification Using Brain Responses to Initial Snippets
    by P Pandey, G Sharma, KP Miyapuram, R Subramanian… - IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2022
  41. Nanoparticles impact on miscible viscous fingering with absorbing boundary condition at inlet
    by A Kumar, M Mishra - Physical Review Fluids, 2022
  42. Non-relativistic conformal field theory in the presence of boundary
    by RK Gupta, R Singh - Journal of High Energy Physics, 2022
  43. Novel Data Processing Approaches for Testing and Evaluation of Mild Steel Sample Using Frequency-Modulated Thermal Wave Imaging
    by A Rani, V Kher, K Kaur, R Mulaveesala - Advances in Non Destructive Evaluation: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2022
  44. Optimal Synthesis of Unconventional Links for Modular Reconfigurable Manipulators
    by A Dogra, SS Padhee, E Singla - Journal of Mechanical Design, 2022
  45. Photonic materials: from fundamentals to applications
    by RV Nair, F Wang, X Yang, C Jagadish - The European Physical Journal Special Topics (Editorial), 2022
  46. Polymer curing assisted formation of optically visible sub-micron blisters of multilayer graphene for local strain engineering
    by M Pandey, R Kumar - Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2022
  47. Progress and challenges in layered two-dimensional hybrid perovskites
    by PP Mohanty, R Ahuja, S Chakraborty - Nanotechnology, 2022
  48. Real-time Estimation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in Soil
    by V Reddykapa, A Jayavardhan, H Panguluru, M Garg, G Gill, S Agarwal, N Gupta - IEEE Delhi Section Conference, 2022
  49. Recent developments in spark erosion–based machining processes: A state of the art in downscaling of spark erosion based machining processes (Chapter 5)
    by R Nadda, CK Nirala - Advanced Machining and Finishing: Handbooks in Advanced Manufacturing, 2021
  50. Rotational quenching of C2 with 3He and 4He collisions at ultracold temperatures
    by Ritika, TJD Kumar - Chemical Physics Letters, 2022
  51. Ru-decorated N-doped carbon nanoflakes for selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid to γ-valerolactone and quinoline to tetrahydroquinoline with HCOOH in water
    by A Chauhan, AK Kar, R Srivastava - Applied Catalysis A: General, 2022
  52. Selenium nanoparticles stimulate osteoblast differentiation via BMP-2/MAPKs/β-catenin pathway in diabetic osteoporosis
    by S Poleboina, VG Sheth, N Sharma, P Sihota, N Kumar… - Nanomedicine, 2022
  53. Self-assembled di-and tripeptide gels for the passive entrapment and pH-responsive, sustained release of an antidiabetic drug, glimepiride
    by M Halder, Y Bhatia, Y Singh - Biomaterials Science, 2022
  54. Sensing of environmentally and biologically important analytes using organic nanoparticles (ONPs) (Chapter 12)
    by S Sharma, A Singh, N Kaur, N Singh - Sensing and Biosensing with Optically Active Nanomaterials: Micro and Nano Technologies, 2022
  55. Si doped T-graphene: 2D Lattice as Anode electrode in Na Ion Secondary Batteries
    by N Yadav, TJD Kumar - New Journal of Chemistry, 2022
  56. Stabilizing superconductivity of ternary metal pentahydride CaCH5 via electronic topological transitions under high pressure from first principles evolutionary algorithm
    by P Tsuppayakorn-Aek, N Phaisangittisakul, R Ahuja… - Scientific Reports, 2022
  57. Stochastic failure analysis of proximal femur using an isogeometric analysis based nonlocal gradient-enhanced damage model
    by A Soni, S Kumar, N Kumar - Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2022
  58. Strategic design of a bifunctional Ag (I)-grafted NHC-MOF for efficient chemical fixation of CO2 from dilute gas at ambient conditions
    by R Das, V Parihar, CM Nagaraja - Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, 2022
  59. Structural Diversity of D‐Alanine: D‐Alanine Ligase and Its Exploration in Development of Antibacterial Agents Against the Multi‐Variant Bacterial Infections
    by JS Sidhu, G Joshi, J Sindhu, N Kaur, N Singh - ChemistrySelect, 2022
  60. Structural Stability and Electronic Properties of 2D MXene Hf3C2F2 Monolayer by Density Functional Theory Approach
    by RP Jadav, P Mishra, S Kumavat, Dt Singh, R Ahuja, Y Sonvane - Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, 2023
  61. Subsurface Storage of Water
    by S Ganguly - Resonance, 2022
  62. The DESPEC setup for GSI and FAIR
    by AK Mistry, HM Albers, T Arıcı, A Banerjee…Sharma, A - Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 2022
  63. The impact of COVID-19 on the comorbidities: a review of recent updates for combating it
    by JA Malik, S Ahmed, M Shinde, MHS Al-Marmash… - Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, 2022
  64. Thermo-hydraulic efficiency and correlation development of an indoor designed jet impingement solar thermal collector roughened with discrete multi-arc ribs
    by R Kumar, S Kumar, R Nadda, K Kumar, V Goel - Renewable Energy, 2022
  65. Three‐dimensional miniaturized super wideband antenna with filtering capabilities
    by S Agarwal, A Sharma, IJ Garcia Zuazola, WG Whittow - International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, 2022
  66. Unraveling the Synergistic Participation of Ni–Sn in Nanostructured NiO/SnO2 for the Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenolysis of Benzyl Phenyl Ether
    by A Kumar, AK Kar, R Bal, R Srivastava - Energy & Fuels, 2022
  67. Unveiling a Quinoidal 2, 3: 10, 11-Dibenzoheptazethrene
    by PK Sharma, S Das - The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2022
  68. Visible-Light-Mediated (sp3)Cα–H Functionalization of Ethers Enabled by Electron Donor–Acceptor Complex
    by S Roy, I Chatterjee - ACS Organic & Inorganic Au, 2022
  69. Visual Product Assessment by Using the Eye-Tracking Equipment to Study the Effect of Product Shapes on consumer's Thinking
    by J Singh, P Sarkar - International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science: Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series, 2022
  70. Weighted geometric set cover with rectangles of bounded integer side lengths
    by RR Madireddy, A Mudgal - Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2022
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